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Raghu Mohan

Raghu Mohan is an award-winning senior journalist with 22 years of experience. He has worked for BW Businessworld since December 2006, and is currently its Deputy Editor. His area of expertise is banking – commercial, investment, and the regulatory. Previous stints include those at The Financial Express and Business India.

Latest Articles By Raghu Mohan

FinTech: The Genie Is Out

Nothing can stop fintechs from changing the lives of people forever. As true as that is, the lot can’t wipe out banks; in fact, they both need each other

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India Is Set For A Fintech Revolution

Stodgy banks, hunched over by capital and dud-loan concerns, their eyes off book-growth; a swathe of the populace (over 40 per cent) beyond the pale of formal finance; the gaggle of impatient millennials and the live-in of finance and technology have given rise to goblins

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