Ayushman Baruah

Ayushman is an award-winning business and tech journalist based in Bangalore, with diverse experience in journalism across newspaper, magazine and news wire. He is the recipient of the 15th annual Polestar Award in Jury's category for excellence in journalism in 2013. He is also an NSE-certified capital market professional (NCCMP) and driven by his interest, he has also attended hands-on workshops on cloud computing to stay on top of technology journalism

Latest Articles By Ayushman Baruah

Why We Don't See Enough Women in Boardrooms?

Despite efforts to include more women in boardrooms, it's a challenge for most companies as the availability of board-ready women is still scarce

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India is Not Only Accepting Failures But Celebrating Them Too!

The startup ecosystem in India is gradually beginning to not only accept failures but also celebrate them...Read How?

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Chance To Join The Big Party

A massive opportunity stares at startups in the defence sector and the right kind of support from the government and private investors could give them the impetus they need

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Alibaba Adds Fuel To Flipkart-Amazon Fire

The Indian e-commerce industry is still in its nascent stage, so the battles will have to be fought strategically as this is just the beginning

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