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Anisha Aditya

Anisha finds a strong entrepreneurial calling in her work and believes battling with typhoons is half the fun. She interviews professionals from unconventional career options and so far has covered people from different career options - from film makers, racing drivers, musicians, chefs, athletes, entrepreneurs, photographers, writers and many more. She is also a fellow of StartingBloc Washington DC.

Latest Articles By Anisha Aditya

Lessons for Making the Right Investment Pitch

Founders can bring in a wide range of user acquisition strategy, start a mailing list, leverage social media.

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Strategising Social Media For Rise in Startups

Whether its building a VR company or playing tennis or making an innovation, showcasing company culture to promote the brand is a requisite.

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What Leads to Increase of Customer Acquisition in Startups

To attract the attention of the target audience, a venture needs to cater to the target audience, on the basis of demand of the product, behaviour of the consumer, and costing of the services rendered.

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The Counterstrike on Failure: Mission Positivity

Cofounder conflicts over equity, idea or expansion are the most common issues in startups.

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10 Fundamental Legal Requirements for Every Startup

Every entrepreneur must keep it in mind that regardless of what legal parameters your venture faces, you must proceed with bonafide intentions.

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eBay, Tencent and Microsoft Invests $1B in Flipkart

The ecommerce industry in India is expected to grow more than 50 percent for the next several years, fueled by a new generation of people connecting to the Internet for the first time on affordable mobile phones.

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FoodTech Startup Report 2017

In 2017, foodtech startups may improve massively by building ideas on modernizing traditional Indian food.

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'Stop My Starvation' Changing The Taste For Waffles And Crepes In India

In 2017, they are planning to scale up and broadbase their offerings. The team aims to expand services to various parts of New Delhi.

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Sumit Jain, Partner at Kalaari Capital, On FinTech, GDP Growth And Investments in 2017

Fin tech has been one of the key innovation areas with a lot of investment interest from early stage investors.

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Dr. Apoorv Ranjan from Venture Catalyst On Opportunity In FinTech and Investment Predictions Of 2017

EdTech and Fintech markets are certainly big at this moment with demonetisation unlocking immense opportunity for the latter in particular.

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