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Aniruddha Bose

As an Editorial Consultant for BW Businessworld, Aniruddha writes independently on investor awareness, correct financial planning & investing practices and the impact of regulatory developments on the personal finance ecosystem. He holds an MBA with distinction from Oxford.

Latest Articles By Aniruddha Bose

P2P Lending Market Will Give Serious Competition To Existing Financial Institutions: Raghavendra Pratap Singh, i2iFunding

In an interview with BW Businessworld, Raghavendra Pratap Singh Co-Founder, i2iFunding, discusses the lending market in India and more

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We Intend To Provide Solutions To People Who Don't Understand Online Transactions: Praveen Dhabhai, Payworld

In an interview with BW Businessworld, Praveen Dhabhai, COO, Payworld, shares company's business model, revenue model and future plans

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5 Things Most Ultra HNI Investors Do Differently

Ultra HNI's have usually carried an important business lesson into their investing lives - that is, following the herd can only destroy value in the long run

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Buying Insurance? Go Online!

By purchasing your policy online, you’ll be in complete control of the entire process – right from the preliminary research to the shortlisting and final execution

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Is 'Traditional' Life Insurance A Good Investment?

Most traditional plans pay agents close to 35 per cent as up front commissions from your premium

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How Women Should Approach A large Cash Inheritance

If you're a woman who has recently received a large cash inheritance, you need to take a few important yet simple measures immediately from a financial planning standpoint

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How Women Should Approach Investing

Studies have shown repeatedly that one's attitudes and beliefs are a key determinant in their investing habits

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Do All Women Need Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is a risk management tool - period. You could window dress it, strap on savings components and other benefits, but the fact remains that Life Insurance is a cost that one incurs to compensate their loved ones for the financial strife resulting from their potential future lack of their income

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Financial Planning Tips For Women Entrepreneurs

Amidst the inevitable roller coaster ride that is entrepreneurship, it's deceptively easy to lose sight of the personal financial goals you set for family

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IMFs – The Next Wave In Insurance?

The IMF structure will enable individual agents to foray into a diverse set of financial products such as mutual funds, post office products and loan products

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