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Advertisement A Cloud Platform for Improving the Quality of Mobile Apps

Within last two years, the company has acquired more than 10000+ users globally.

Smart Software Testing Solutions, an automated product testing solutions startup that was founded in September 2015, has a flagship product known has Founded by Pankaj Goel, Avinash Tiwari and Lalit Jain, is one of its kind mobile app testing service which provides a cloud platform for improving the quality of mobile apps. The platform offers on-demand mobile devices on cloud that helps developers and testers on variety of real mobile devices to make their apps market ready. Using pCloudy, one can select from hundreds of real devices, install apps and perform manual and automation test execution over Cloud platforms. It transforms the way you have ever tested your applications across multiple devices. Apart from do it your testing, one can also use test their app using bots. Just upload the app and sit back and relax. This app testing platform is the first player in the software testing space as it is the only one not only in India but entire Asia Pacific region. 

As the quality and efficacy of apps which leads to end-user app experience had been posing a huge concern to the developers and testers, the founders thought of the idea of coming up with SSTS and improve the quality of apps. Moreover, there was a dearth of intelligent testing platforms for apps in the mobile and IOT space. Both these factors led to the idea of generation of Smart Software Testing Solutions and the acquisition of pCloudy by Smart Software Testing Solutions.  

pCloudy is a leader in providing app development and test teams with accurate set of tools and devices to enhance the quality of their Apps. The platform addresses the biggest pain points faced by startups and corporates which include device fragmentation by offering analytics driven platform for manual and automated testing of apps. Besides, App testing using bots is a game changer.

pCloudy is one of the fastest growing startups in the software/ app Testing space. Within last two years, the company has acquired more than 10000+ users globally. The platform has been used by the enterprises, SMEs and startups alike. pCloudy is the only software testing player across the world to offer a full throttle lifecycle testing capability through a cloud platform. Moreover, the platform offers its services at a cost which is easily affordable.

  • Do it yourself testing on our Device Cloud
  • Automated App certification using bots
  • App certification by real users - crowd testing 

Smart Software Testing Solutions Inc. has raised $1 million (around Rs 6.8 crore) in pre-Series A round of funding from YourNest Angel Fund. The platform offers paid services with monthly subscriptions. Creating a product experience for global user base was one of biggest challenge. 

The sector is one of the fastest-growing and offers humongous opportunity. Globally the software testing market is worth $10 billion. The office supplies market in India is around $20 billion. Annually growing at 17–18 percent, it will be about $50 billion by 2019.  

The platform has around eleven thousand users with close to two lakhs hours of tests. The company adds 1000 news users every month and is looking at expanding their device data centers in Europe and Australia. Moreover, the company wants to continue to create more intelligent bots and expand their offerings.

Mobile App space is changing very fast. Moreover, organizations are churning Apps faster than ever. Any tool/platform which helps App team's release App faster with better quality will be lapped up. However, the product differentiation is key. The company sees a lot of opportunity around Automated App certification using AI based bots.  

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