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ePaisa seeks to disrupt the Indian retail market with it’s new and upgraded point of sale features

A recent report by KPMG and Google found that Indian SMBs who adopt digital technologies grow their profits 50 percent faster

India has emerged as the fastest-growing major economy in the world and is expected to be one of the top three economic powers of the world over the next 10-15 years, backed by its recent digital transformations.

The introduction of digital technology is one of the main contributions to this tremendous growth. A recent report by KPMG and Google found that Indian SMBs who adopt digital technologies grow their profits 50 percent faster,’ their access to new markets is 51 percent higher as compared to 29 percent of ‘offline’ SMBs. In spite of tremendous efforts by the Government and significant benefits, the SME’s and MME’s adoption of digital payments is still low.

ePaisa understood that there was an opportunity to disrupt the way in which businesses were traditionally using technology and imagined to build a product which would offer a seamless, smart, and on-the-go platform to small and large retail businesses and verticals like beauty salons, grocery stores, exhibitors, doctors, home businesses, vegetable sellers and even your newspaper vendor, the list goes on. As the country is moving towards a cashless economy, it is inevitable that SME’s and MME’s should digitize their business and accept multiple payment types, be it cards, mobile wallets, UPI etc.

With that knowledge, ePaisa developed a SaaS-based Point of Sale (POS) which provides tools with smart easy features to business of all sizes to help run and grow from Entrepreneur to Enterprise. Addressing merchant pain points and to organize their day to day businesses effectively and efficiently.

ePaisa’s Point of Sale offers at a low price the capability for all merchants to accept all forms of payment, inventory management, digital receipts, analytics and many more. With two of its latest Point of Sale products and new features added to Payments by ePaisa and RetailOS by ePaisa, ePaisa is aiming to change the retail business landscape.

Payments by ePaisa is a simple app for Android and iOS platform which enables merchants to accept payments (including credit and debit cards, multiple digital wallets, UPI, Aadhar Pay), offer Udhaar and send a digital or printed receipt to its customer.

RetailOS by ePaisa - Retail [OS] A fully-featured retail operating system (OS) advanced features like Inventory Management, Managing Multiple stores, multiple companies, integration into tally, multiple payment types, customer loyalty, and an Amazon® cloud-based dashboard for advanced reporting and enterprise

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