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Almitra Karnik

Almitra is head of marketing at CleverTap, a customer behavior analysis and insight provider for enterprise clients.

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Working Mom Tips to Maintain Sanity while Aiming for the Stars

The golden rule should be: "Don't compete with other moms. When you see other moms making hot meals for their kids or doing playdates or driving them for classes, don’t start competing."

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Celeb working moms like Beyonce face the same battle we all do

We hear about feminism all the time. The broader definition talks about making sure there is gender equality around opportunities as peers or colleagues, division of chores at home and around raising kids, right to education as siblings whether you are a son or a daughter, etc. However, one also needs to expand this thought and talk about choices moms make - to work or stay at home. This is a personal choice that needs to be respected by everyone.

Balancing work-life and a family with kids

Time has never been a more valuable commodity since after we have had kids. Creating a work-life balance is not impossible. It needs planning.

1. Plan your day beforehand

Starting my day early and planning tasks the night before has definitely helped. The planning could be around what activities need to be prioritized at work or what needs to be cooked tomorrow. I use various tools such as Evernote, Apple’s Reminders app, Yummly, etc to help me keep on track.

2.Get help from family and friends

I am extremely lucky to have parents and in-laws and extended family who is involved in taking care of our kids and also make sure that I continue to work and excel without having to worry about them. Make sure you build an ecosystem of trusted and reliable people who help you rise and not pull you down. Trust me, the saying - ‘It takes a village to raise a kid’ - is apt to the core.

3. Stay fit, healthy and happy

We get so busy taking care of kids that we neglect ourselves. But one thing we need to remember that we have to stay fit and happy to pass that on to our kids. We are the first role models for our daughters and sons. If you enjoy reading a book or going for a run make sure you find time for it. Even if that means spending an hour less with our kids. Don’t skip breakfast or meals and try to stay away from unhealthy snacks. Our health gives us the strength to work day in and day out - at home and at work.

Tips for working moms/ working moms who are entrepreneurs

There are many things working moms can do to spend time with their kids and also excel at their work.

1. Don’t second guess yourself

If you made a decision to work, there is a reason that made you decide to do so. It is important to believe in your belief. If you are tired to read a book to your kid, it’s OK. If you want to skip their soccer game so you can make it to their annual day next week, it’s OK. If you want to order in instead of cooking, it’s OK too.

2. Don’t compete with other working or full-time moms

This is a common mistake most mom’s make. When you see other moms making hot meals for their kids or doing playdates with other kids or driving them for classes, don’t start competing. You are not in a competition waiting to win a prize. So do what makes you and your kids happy. Also let them know why you work. You will be surprised to hear their thoughts.

3. Read, Read, Read

This could be around your field of work or just parenting or pure fiction. When I am traveling or few minutes before unwinding, I read. I have seen my kids take up reading because they see me or my husband do so.

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