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Rohan Raj Barua

The author is Co-Founder of ExMyB

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Why Startups And SMEs Should Seek Help From B2B Service Aggregator

To maximise the chances of success, a startups leadership team needs to partner with the best companies.

Every startup hopes to disrupt an industry by bringing about behavioural change in society. When startups create a behavioural change, they win over a segment of consumers that will continue to buy the company’s products or services for years if not decades. Successfully bringing about behavioural change is not easy. Once people grow accustomed to doing things a certain way, it's not easy to make them do things differently. That’s why only 1 in 10 startups succeed in creating a behavioural change; those who fail to do so are forced to close. The success rate of startups is a slim 10%; 90% of them fail within the first five years.

To maximise the chances of success, a startups leadership team needs to partner with the best companies. A company has a better chance of succeeding when its employees and business partners are the best. One of the most effective ways a startup can partner with the best companies around is by using the services of a B2B services aggregator.  

A portal where everyone is exceptional 

There are many advantages to finding business partners on a B2B services portal. For instance, every business listed on a B2B portal is there because it provides exceptional service. Online B2B services portals are incredibly selective about whom they allow registering on their platforms. Often, only the best service providers and sellers are allowed to register on such sites. This means a startup or SME that needs the services of a reliable firm stands a better chance of finding such a partner on a B2B portal than anywhere else.    

Unlike a search engine on which any business with good knowledge of SEO can be ranked, on a B2B portal, visibility is earned by consistently providing exceptional service.  

An online community of businesses  

B2B platforms also benefit startups and SMEs because they foster a strong sense of community.  A B2B portal is more than a platform, it is a community. In the community, friction is eliminated as every member works for his or her benefit and that of the communities. While the mercantile spirit is strong in such societies, every member knows that by working diligently and honestly, each member stands to benefit.   

Every business registered on B2B portals understands that perseverance pays. Only companies that have the right talent are registered on such sites, and only those who consistently provide excellent services are allowed to stay.  

The entire community found on B2B portals relies on a transparent system which is further illuminated by ratings. Every business located on a B2B platform is rated accurately. So while ratings found on search engines can be manipulated, on B2B portals such manipulation is impossible. The result of such a firm and transparent system is that it encourages everyone to do their best. Many firms found on B2B portals go the extra mile to serve their customers because they know the end beneficiary of such action will be they themselves and the community they belong to.   

In short, SMEs and especially startups need an edge to succeed. By finding business partners on B2B portals they can attain this edge.   

Data and B2B services aggregators   

Another reason a B2B services aggregator is the ideal platform for startups and SMEs scouting for partners is that unlike a search engine, a B2B services aggregator produces only the most relevant results when queries are made. Such an aggregator can produce consistent results because it has vast quantities of data about each business registered on its site. Such data is continuously scanned and updated using powerful machine learning algorithms. 

In addition to having data about businesses registered on its sites, B2B service aggregators have data about the companies on their platforms that are looking for services. Hence because the B2B services aggregator understands the requirements of all parties- startups and SMEs looking for partners, and businesses registered on the platform- it can create winning partnerships.

Data is one of the keys to B2B service providers’ success. A B2B services portal, unlike a search engine, uses hundreds and sometimes thousands of data points to connect a startup or SME to a business partner. The aggregator will first understand the unique needs of a business. Once it has understood its requirements, it will match them to firms registered on its site. Hence when a company searches for a business partner on the aggregators' website, it can be confident that the results displayed are relevant because they have been selected after considering thousands of data points. In a nutshell, search engines produce a vast number of mostly irrelevant results, while B2B aggregators produce a small number of highly relevant ones.  

Working with the best business partners is what sets apart the 10% of startups that succeed from the 90% that fail. B2B aggregators play a crucial part in sifting winning startups from losing ones.   It’s time for more businesses that seek an edge to find business partners on B2B platforms.

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