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Shubham Rai

Shubham Rai is the CEO and Founder of Nodd.

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Why Should One Invest Time in Networking?

Would networking work best when a person indulges in it with set expectations or would the outcome be better if you participated in it with no expectation?

Why Should One Invest Time in Networking?
Why Should One Invest Time in Networking?

Is networking a new discipline? Is it something that emerged in the late twentieth century? Was it developed as a solution to the need of increasing sales and business in a corporate environment? Does networking actually generate value-opportunities? Or is it just a social pacifier?

Is there a science which has been devised which can make networking more fruitful, or will it always remain a random activity?

Would networking work best when a person indulges in it with set expectations or would the outcome be better if you participated in it with no expectation?

These and many other questions are on the lips and minds of people who are looking out to invest some time and energy in one of the most misunderstood and misconstrued disciplines of today – networking.

For starters, networking today is wrongly equated with the online space. Primarily because social-media has become so omnipotent, that most of us cannot construe the concept of networking without having a smart-device in our hands. But this is one of the primary myths that surround networking today. Networking is, was, and will be first and foremost about face-face interactions in the physical space. Substantial research shows that the more people interact with others through the online space, the faster is the diminishing and deterioration of their interpersonal skills. So use your smartphone, but also initiate those face-to-face interactions on a regular basis. There is no substitute for that.

So once that has been established, the next question is easily answered. Is networking a new discipline; or an age-old one? Since true networking does not depend only on electronic gadgetry (which ideally should always be a medium, and not the end in itself), and since mankind has interacted with one another for pleasure and for profit over generations and over centuries, networking can be said to be as old as the hills. Wherever and whenever two or more people (preferably like-minded and with similar interests) have consciously met with the purpose of getting to know the other better, and learning something of interest and use which others could benefit from knowing, networking has taken place.

The irony is, the less one ‘expects’ out of networking, the more one is truly a ‘giver’ rather than a receiver, whether in terms of contacts or knowledge, the more that person ends up benefiting in all respects over a period of time. This is because of multiple reasons, the foremost of which is that over time, such a person develops a positive reputation as a selfless soul, and others feel a deep psychological need to give back to him or her more than they have received.
Since the discipline is not an organized stream of business, there is very little substantial data available. But with all we could collate: Offline Networking Events world-wide over are a $ 32 Billion business & growing. Offline-Networking platforms have generated over $ 15 Billion last year.

Interestingly Millionaires spend over 8% of their time & 12% of their money on networking. The best part is effective networking is an algorithm, yet to be cracked and creates immense value, data for which if collated would exceed GDP’s of several economies.

The time is now right for this type of networking to be structured so that more and more individuals and organizations can obtain the benefits of this simple yet highly effective philosophy. We at Nodd are passionate about networking and have developed what we believe is the world’s foremost algorithm designed to put you in touch with the persons has interests which are most suited to your own. Thus, with the blending of the backend electronics with the front-end physical environment, the era of networking has arrived. I invite you all to take advantage of it.

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