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Piyush Mathur

Piyush Mathur is the founder of the startup 'PEAUR'.

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Why I Left MINING and Did a Startup

Lot of people ask me Who leaves the assured business of Mining, and assiduously build start up that too in crowded FMCG sector, unlike in vogue tech start up’s and left the comfortable business plus personal life of Udaipur and moved to Gurgaon.

Wondering Where to begin from, shall I start from my time of post education of Induction in family business or current struggles as a founder of Start up. Lets begin from beginning. Post my Business Graduation from Pune and adding a global as well as field market exposure to my cart of “project(s)-in thoughts”, I returned my hometown Udaipur. Eyes eagerly looking for my contribution in the family business of Mining with hopes I will advance it further. With no reluctance, I joined it and became part of several marble projects. Even though business was not assured, it was mundane, nor providing me enough ‘Juices’, which could throw challenges as desired by me. Thus begun the journey of searching for Idea for starting up, it hovered from Entertainment to Real estate to education, to Online but finally it settled for beverages. Thus, in 2009 beverage factory at Udaipur, Rajasthan was started. As young and as aggressive as a an Entrepreneur should be, I over marked there as well. Little I knew, the harsh and gnarly path waiting ahead for me to make my journey a lot tougher while I am riding my dream project with utmost enthusiasm and passion.

Lot of people ask me Who leaves the assured business of Mining, and assiduously build start up that too in crowded FMCG sector, unlike in vogue tech start up’s and left the comfortable business plus personal life of Udaipur and moved to Gurgaon. My answer is simple, I am just diversifying, though my reasons of diversification are not mitigating risk, but the mundane nature of mining business and the kind of challenges I seek. I am a voracious growth seeker, which mining business would not have sufficed And I always wanted to do something where I get my product getting interacted with end consumers on first hand basis; apparent enough FMCG rout to it. Light Beverages Industry in India brings the opportunity to create and offer so much within and expand its footprints on Global Podiums. And with that I believe Youth of today relates, understand and accepts it the best. I see that as a future of Make in India initiative.

We always hear adulteration as a De facto part and parcel of any product; my passion was to see the product in purest form. The only thing I prioritized was to offer the drink in its original form, adding no mixing to it, getting direct from its source, capturing the whiff of nature in our all departments of packaging. Hence, contributing towards the healthy and today's premium lifestyle evolving around us. Thus, rightly so the Brand PEAUR was conceived, true to its content.

I am repeatedly asked why crowded Beverages & that too in cumbersome /murky world of Manufacturing. But to me manufacturing has always been about passion, destiny defying sector. In the end I love to say that I made it; I gave birth to something which is adored by all and holds a significance in their life. Possessing and claiming an ownership to such on PEAUR, the fear of pitfalls as well as system challenges don’t stop me. So manufacturing always tops the chart for me than any other. Crowd is good. But, it makes us analyze as to how we can make us as “different and excellent.” PEAUR has all the capabilities to fight the crowd. Its appeal and quality to retain the loyalty is what that makes us confident and proud team. The mission of making PEAUR as number of beverage company held us to promise and settle on no quality compromising today and forever. While addressing as a member of the Premium Beverages Company,I stand committed and offer PEAUR as PURE.

Today as I look back and ahead, my struggles in this journey have been immense and will continue to adorn road ahead. Family advised to restrict and refrain from this pursuance of PEAUR but then the journey had begun. Everyday challenges, addressing issues, retaining the faith became like a task of everyday affair. Losses didn’t restrict to the balance sheets and accounts, it also made people, friends and so called well wishers evade with passing time. Soon we understood that this PEAUR needs the drive and had to be addressed a little more firmly to reach at the right places. My father, the man behind the curtain left for heavenly abode and missed to see Hielo Beverages (entity which owns PEAUR brand) at the desired position. The good part left us with the right and genuine people who started to breath our thoughts and multiplied the folds of passion towards our dream project. My zeal and my dedication kept me motivated and I decided never to give up and followed the dream passionately and never altered or change the career path in toughest of situation I encountered.

Today ,I proudly breath PEAUR and extend this ahead with same soulful PEAURity to one and to all.

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