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Who Will Buy Salman Khan’s Smartphones?

Everyone talks about Salman Khan's businesses, but who actually buys it? Here's a Twitter measure of who will and who won't.

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That logo on the back of his phone will probably read Salman in times to come

After ET reported that Salman Khan may launch his own line of smartphones, several renditions of the report have appeared across the web.
The phones will likely compete with Chinese brands Xiaomi, Oppo and the soon to enter iVoomi in the mid-level Android category where prices are below 20,000 rupees.
If anyone can take on the Chinese, Salman can. With an estimate net worth of 200 million dollars, he was once again number one on Forbes’ top 100 celebrity list in 2016. The influential actor’s Being Human apparel line contributed as much as 10 percent to global sales of Mandhana Retail Ventures in 2015. Mandhana is the company responsible for selling Salman Khan's apparel line. Last month the company said that 20 percent of its revenue comes from exports; they will be further looking to capitalize on the Salman’s brand equity by opening 100 Being Human clothing stores across tier II and III cities across India.
It doesn’t come as a surprise then that the media would be all over the news. It’s not just the journalists, the fans too; and the haters. As a polarizing figure, Salman has generated boundless adulation from some and a mix of condescension (and weariness?) from others. So we waded through the waves of tweets to find out who may who may not be holding Salman Khan phones anytime soon.

Owners of these Twitter accounts may probably be in line to buy a BeingSmart:

Like this tweeter whose description reads, “Mostly tweet about Salman Khan and Arsenal.” Notice how the Twitter handle begins with @Being just like Salman’s Khan’s @BeingSalmanKhan?

And these other lovers:

Owners of these Twitter accounts…well not so much we think:

Last we heard the Bhai of Bollywood is currently looking for a management team consisting of industry veterans who will take care of the BeingSmart smartphones.

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