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Narmadhaa Sivaraja

Narmadhaa is a product marketer for Zoho. She spends her time coming up with new ways Zoho could serve as an ideal app-building platform for citizen developers. She is also an active advocate in empowering women in technology.

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Who Said Housewives Don’t Know Technology?

These women “homepreneurs” are using technology from Zoho Corporation to step up their business game.

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Tech savvy "homepreneur", Jayasree Sukavanam from Bangalore

A lot has changed since Jhansi Rani. Aside from combating climate change and advocating equal wages, today's women embrace technology and shine as entrepreneurs too. From making paper quills to setting up their order management app, women nowadays do it all themselves.

These tech-savvy women pave the modern trend; a slow, yet steady, trend, where homemakers become homepreneurs, filling gaps of the IT industry.

Deepa, Jayasree, and Priya are such women who use Zoho Creator, a platform to create customized business apps. They seized the opportunity to develop apps and sell them. In turn, they select their clients, sidestep agents, and work when they want to. They make a business of it, re-crafting the thirst for crafts, to craft apps instead.

Deepa Govind, Bangalore

One afternoon, 10 years ago, Deepa realized she was bored at home. The kids were at school and the husband at work. Driven by curiosity, Deepa started a blog, writing about her Zoology education at first, then peppering it with stories of life as homemaker. She was looking for a way to add a contact form on her website, when she stumbled on Zoho Creator.

What began there, transcended into a document management app for her freelance projects. Motivated, Deepa started experimenting with Deluge, the inbuilt scripting language. After she acquired her Zoho Creator developer certification, she began freelancing as an app developer.

Jayasree Sukavanam, Bangalore

Having started her career as a programmer in a typical office environment, Jayasree soon moved up the corporate ladder. She entered bigger companies and took on even more responsibilities. After maintaining finance and IT applications in multiple companies, Jayasree took a step back - for herself.

With her experience as a developer, she started exploring Zoho Creator and its low-code technology. Impressed, Jayasree soon started developing custom solutions for business clients. At present she is presently a consultant with Saahas Zero Waste Solutions, helping them implement Zoho Creator to automate their process workflows.

Priya Sriraghavan, Chennai

Like most people, Priya started off as a software geek. She graduated with an engineering degree, moved on to a full-time job at a multi-billion corporation, and was living the life of many people's dreams. All was well, until something felt amiss. She was a technical person with a passion for the creative, living in a mechanical routine.

That's when she tried Zoho Creator, a product developed by the company her father worked for. It spoke to her in her terms; innovative and intuitive on the outside, yet technical on the inside. For the minimalist in Priya, it was the right blend of all that she revered. She got her certification with Zoho Creator and started designing apps right away. Now a consultant with Zoho, Priya is also an individual app developer.

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