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Nick Orton

Nick Orton, CEO, BodyPower Expo.

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What to Expect in 2018 in Fitness Industry?

In my opinion, the industry is heading in the right direction and the growth of fitness service is really helping this.

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A revolution is happening. The Indian fitness industry is growing rapidly, and with 19% growth year-on-year, perceptions are changing in the marketing. Amongst men, bodybuilding training is increasing, with a variety of different exercises and sports focussing on well-being, health, body image and confidence also proving popular. Zumba, aerial yoga, aerobics and Pilates have become the trends of today with participation in combat sports such as kickboxing and MMA also on the rise. It seems today’s generation are looking to invest more in themselves, aiming to look and feel the best they can be. This may be triggered by the scale of the obesity and diabetes problems globally. With increased gym memberships and secondary spend, the industry is and continues to flourish.

To highlight, females are accountable for over 40% of all gym memberships in India, which may be surprising to some. Regardless of gender, fitness seems to be the trend on everyone’s lips and a luxury that has become the norm day-to-day. We at BodyPower have recognised that, and have rolled out our BodyPower Gym franchise. We currently have six gyms contracted, including our flagship site in Amanora. It really will blow you away and I would recommend visiting when it’s complete, the gym as well the city it is located in is one of a kind and we are proud to have BodyPower there. Fitness model and PT, Dan Wynes will be our Head Trainer for all gyms, educating Personal Trainers to the highest standard. His experience will ensure our gyms have the best trainers in India.

Exhibitions and tours are also on the rise, bringing together athletes, industry-leading exhibitors and thousands of like-minded individuals all under one roof. Take BodyPower Mumbai for example, 40,000 consumers, a range of fantastic feature areas and contests, recognised brands and huge stars including Kai Greene and Flex Wheeler.

In my opinion, the industry is heading in the right direction and the growth of fitness service is really helping this. The likes of food preparation, fitness clothing and supplement brands is only enhancing the market. This has led us to recently launch BodyPower Nutrition, our own range of supplements.

Another catalyst for change… Indian fitness athletes. A number of those have now become internationally recognised, household names. Sangram Chougule is a fantastic example, one of the most followed bodybuilders in India, works very closely with us at BodyPower. You will also begin to see more from upcoming bodybuilder, Bala Krishna, as he competes and attends in competitions and expos such as BodyPower Mumbai. Perhaps more mainstream, Bharat Raj is another perfect example. International Men’s Physique athlete, PCA Pro and celebrity lifestyle coach, Bharat is an established role model and idol to many in India, even training a variety of high profile celebrities.

Overall, the industry is going from strength to strength and is experiencing a period of prosperity. We at BodyPower will do our best to inspire as many as possible and we hope to see as many of you as possible on both your journey and ours.

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