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Tarun Bhalla

Tarun Bhalla, Founder & CEO of Avishkaar Box.

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What to Expect in 2018 in Edutech Sector?

We can also expect a slow but steady downfall of lecture based or single directional learning engagements.

When every other startup is springing with an idea to disrupt the edutech sector, we can expect

great improvements in near future. We are hopeful of 2018 bringing significant change in the

domain. The Edutech Sector would keep on growing in two extremes. On one hand, virtual

solutions would gather further steam whether it is Apps, Desktop softwares or the virtual

classrooms. On the other hand, immersive physical experiences like project based, activity based

and hands-on Learning experiences would become more mainstream.

For the apps sector, we expect augmented reality to make it big. This is the right mix of immersive

and personalised virtual learning. People have already got a taste of Augmented reality in the

gaming world and its extension in education a very reasonable ask. Digitisation of study material

and presenting the same to a student in an acutely personalised manner to enhance learning and

retention will make great progress.

The usage of technology in this pedagogy is fairly straight forward and well known. However, it is

the usage of technology in the second kind of educational methodologies (project based learning)

that’s a bit counter-intuitive. It has always been a well-known fact that hands on learning is more

engaging and exciting, but lack of any measurement tools has not been able to lead to its rise.

Innovations in the domains of IoT, sensors and embedded electronics allow us for the first time to

record and measure learning improvements amongst children while they work on various kinds of

projects. Therefore, it is this aspect of technology: Hardware, Sensors and the associated AI that

shall embed into physical educational solutions and an end to end measurable product will allow

for easy adoption.

Another key trend that will become a new norm would be the deep integration of technology in the

K-12 sector. Signs of this are ample, whether its adding technology as a core curriculum in various

State Boards within India or abroad or setting up Maker Spaces in various schools across the

world (or Atal Tinkering Labs closer home in India). There is a tremendous focus in the education

system to ensure that the children grow up to be well versed with the usage and creation of


We can also expect a slow but steady downfall of lecture based or single directional learning

engagements. There is ample evidence of the same in the colloquial conversations that you may

have had within your family or with your younger cousins - the next generation is just not getting

engaged with the methods of the past. The completely outdated pedagogy of our schools is

producing rote learners who might find it difficult to compete in the contemporary world. A lot of

research and experimentation is already underway is more progressive institutions to involve

children more the teaching process. So even here we look up to technology to provide innovative


The prophets of the financial world are also betting on these trends - what can justify the

unbelievable valuations attributed to the app companies like Byjus and thumbs down to proven

brick and mortar businesses like S Chand. With the big initiative of the the Indian government to

promote the tinkering based education in 2017, it is only fair to think that 2018 will become the real

harbinger of edutech sector’s phenomenal growth.

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