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Ravi Bhushan

Ravi Bhushan, Group Chief Product and Technology Officer of, and, is an industry expert with close to 12 years of experience in technology and digital domains. He came onboard as a Vice President with key focus on enhancing product and technology functions. In his current role, Ravi spearheads new-age technology innovations to strengthen the ground product, design and engineering aspects.

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What is Virtual Reality and How It Will Revolutionize Real Estate

Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Samsung etc. are not investing in the thin air of day dream but are trying to unleash the vast set of application and tremendous power of virtual reality into our daily life.

As we are diving deep into the mobile first world of the running decade, there is a new sensation in the digital world. The technology may be nascent but the buzz it is creating is echoing loud and far. Everyone is forecasting that it is just the initial manifestation of the new world in making. Virtual reality is going to sit at the core of all the activity we perform daily. Be it communication, entertainment or creativity we will use virtual reality tools everywhere. If we try to define Virtual Reality in simple terms, it’s a computer-generated 3D environment that is so real that when interacted with, it confuses our senses and erases the thin line between what is real and what is virtual. We exist in a virtual environment created using computer graphics but our physical senses perceive it to be real or at least near real. To achieve such an illusion various technologies work hand in hand. We create a visual environment using devices like Google cardboard, Oculus rift, Samsung gear etc. Device embedded gyroscope and accelerometer helps the screen to render consistent 3D environment in close connection to our head movement. Stereo sound effects provide a sense of distant sound source, a few companies are working on omni directional treadmills to simulate walk while few others are cracking the tough nut of touch sensation using haptic gloves. Together these technologies will create an experience which will gap the bridge between virtual and reality.

Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Samsung etc. are not investing in the thin air of day dream but are trying to unleash the vast set of application and tremendous power of virtual reality into our daily life. It can be used in real estate, medicine, art, design, entertainment and various other fields. Wherever it is too dangerous or expensive or impractical to do anything in reality, virtual reality is our answer. From trainee jet pilots to medical doctors, trainee surgeons, virtual reality allows us to take virtual risks in order to gain real world experience. As the cost of virtual reality goes down further and it becomes more mainstream we can expect more serious uses, such as education or productivity softwares, to come to the fore front. Just imagine executing a hardware project in virtual reality before investing your first penny prototyping parts.

It is no surprise that virtual reality can be a game changer for real estate. Visualization of present and future homes plays a key role in deciding which property fits your and your family’s requirements. People started from rough architectural sketches, to 2D floor plans and then fast evolved to 3D isometric views, now its time to turn towards virtual reality. With virtual reality physical site visits can become a thing of the past, think of a user siting in Bangalore puts on his virtual headgear and gets transported to a property in Gurgaon or consider virtually living in your house far before the first brick is laid, seems like science fiction but it is the power of virtual reality. 

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