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Rajiv Talreja

The author is an International bestseller author, business coach, serial entrepreneur and global speaker

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What Stops An Entrepreneur From Building A Leadership Team?

The foundation for the success of any business is the team behind it

A great idea can die if a team is average and an average idea can win if you have an extraordinary team executing it. And let’s get real - leadership is a tough gig. But if you want to win at it you’ve got to build a team and share the experiences that you face whilst journeying towards your goal.

So, what is it that stops an entrepreneur in making the best investment?

Jugaad for the Win!
Most entrepreneurs that I have met come with a sense of belief that the best solution for every problem is to wing it. Jugaad combines frugality with flexibility. But it isn’t a rosy road to walk down for any business. While ‘jugaad’ is great, what most entrepreneurs forget is that it is not sustainable or scalable. The key is to use ‘jugaad’ in any area of your business for the first time only. If ‘jugaad’ is what you thrive on to get things done, then be ready to be the slave of your Business, where nothing can happen or grow without you. Think systems & scale; build systems and don’t ‘jugaad’. So, quit the ‘jugaad’ way of life and start building a team and a system in place.

Hiring Is Expensive!
We know you need money to pay salaries. But consider this - without a team you’re merely surviving. Your business is floating, not flourishing because you’re constantly jumping between marketing, sales, development, accounting and administration work,  the result is close to nothing. Face it! You need a team to handle parts of your business and typically, you make money when you hire. So, tune yourself and accept the truth that building a leadership is your BEST bet to succeed.

Fear That People Will Learn & Leave!
People learn and leave when you make them do everything in your business and do not help them grow in their career. The key is to hire people and make them experts in one particular function of your business so that function can run without you. This gives them a career growth path, a sense of fulfillment and focus. And having said that, even by doing this you cannot guarantee that people will stay put in your organization. We don’t live in an era where people are part of the organization for 40 years! People will come and go - this behaviour is completely natural and normal. Don’t be afraid to accept it.

Hiring Is A LOT Of Work!
Of course! Understanding what your business needs, how you can constantly adapt and adopt new strategies that will get you closer to your goals is NOT easy. Being an entrepreneur is not all gloss. It takes high energy and work. So, prepare yourself for it.
But remember, not hiring and doing everything yourself is harder and a lot more work. It causes stress, affects your health and eventually takes you away from your goal. By creating a team and building leadership you create clarity, strategy and accountability.

So, dear entrepreneur, pause and rewire your belief system. Building a leadership team is not a splurge. It is an investment and the best one you’ll ever make. And this isn’t fluff. This is the real deal!

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