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Wellcurve receives a Fresh Seed Round of $600k

In the last 12 Months, they went from 90 to 9000+ orders every month with an average order value close to 900/- INR for repeat customers

In this post-pandemic era, we have realized the importance of a Healthier lifestyle. It is one of those trends which has eventually become a Need rather than a Want. Wellcurve began operations in 2020 to simplify Healthier Lifestyle for users. Wellcurve just got a commitment of a fresh Seed Fund of $600k from 9 Harvard Alums from various continents all of whom are a part of Harvard OPM program. In the last 12 Months, they went from 90 to 9000+ orders every month with an average order value close to 900/- INR for repeat customers.

Wellcurve is a platform that inspires & assists people adapt a healthier lifestyle by bringing together a community of like-minded individuals. They do this through integration of Content & Commerce, providing users an ecosystem to Discover information, Shop for Healthier Food Alternatives, Find Healthy Recipes & Engage with Health Experts, Nutritionists, Fitness Enthusiasts & Home Chefs. 

Wellcurve has started to see an increase in the number of repeat purchases with 30% repeat customer rate every month. They have grown 10X over the last 6 months and are now one of the Top 3 sellers for 5 brands on their platform going ahead of the unicorns in the vertical E-Commerce space. Their revenue has grown from INR 40k a month to INR 8 Million a month at an ARR of INR 8 Crore and aim to reach an ARR of 100 Crore in 2022.  On the website, each product is curated based on four parameters: ingredients, nutrition, health benefits, and how paying extra for healthier versions is value for money. So far, the website has stocked more than 1000 products and over 100 reviews from top nutritionists, dieticians, and other experts. 

Talking further about the brand, Nikhil Mehra Founder Wellcurve mentioned “A business idea built on passion, personal struggles & untapped opportunity, Wellcurve never checked the usual investor & industry norms. Neither we had a Co-Founder with a degree from IITs & IIMs of the country, nor did we have an Ex-E-Commerce guy as a part of our founding team. 

With a lot of clutter in the market, we always wanted to differentiate ourselves and the same was reflected in our company culture and processes. While looking for Core Team & initial members our mindset was always to go for people who were passionate about this industry and who really had this desire to be a part of a start-up growth story. The same ideology is reflected in our catalogue, marketing choices & content pieces. We had a steep learning curve but having experienced the industry from a fresh perspective has helped us to reach where we are at today” 

Head of the Marketing & Content for the brand says “With changing consumer habits, platform trust plays a very important role in the growth of a company. We have already seen an increase in platform familiarity & trust in repeat purchases. To further enhance the same Wellcurve now has 35 Nutritionists, Doctors & Dieticians with those who help in guided product recommendations and drive their content on social media platforms. Since many of our products are still new to Indian consumers, we have created a network of Home Chefs who help us create Healthy & Delicious recipes, hence assisting users with the application of products. We are building an ecosystem, simplifying a Healthier lifestyle by catering to all stages of consumer buying behavior. 

Wellcurve currently boasts about 75+ recipes on their platform and plan to get a thousand original recipes in the next 12 months. Their recipes, blogs & other content formats are consumed by 5000+ users every month with 30% of them coming back to engage with more content. One of the growth drivers of their content has been Organic Traffic. 25% of traffic every month comes from google searches. On social media they collaborate with 25+ Influencers & Experts every month with an unconventional, expert-led product feature focus approach. 

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