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Wealth Managers, B&B Analytics Launches Axle for Total Wealth and Risk Assessment

B&B Analytics has launched Axle, a complete wealth platform for family offices, asset managers and investment experts.

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Axle is a fintech service for wealth management experts

Rohan Misra, CEO of B&B Analytics describes the company he heads as “a strategic advisor leveraging innovative technology and analytics to enable clients to optimally position portfolios of financial and real assets to distinctive risk realities and investment goals.”

Now B&B’ new product, Axle, is a unique financial technology and services platform that enables clients to seamlessly incorporate non-bankable investments at each stage in the investment process, helping them to truly understand their entire 'Total Wealth' picture. Axle delivers insights within a risk-driven framework allowing a continuous evaluation of all decisions in the context of risks taken and thereby achieves improved portfolio stability and control. All of this is complemented by an outstanding and cost-efficient investment management suite for pure money managers.

The wealth and investment management industry is facing new challenges as rising regulatory costs and evolving customer preferences are drawing its focus towards more tech-driven business models. Meanwhile, new players are already disrupting incumbent businesses through innovative and scalable solutions. In such a scenario, how does the industry address the pressing need to expand business opportunities while simultaneously improving operational efficiencies and coping with regulation?

With its open architecture and expandable framework, Axle is well-positioned to address these challenges. Through modular and customizable solutions spanning investment and risk management, research and modelling, wealth consolidation and controlling as well as CRM and compliance, Axle addresses the full value chain of client needs and provides flexibility and scalability at an improved cost of ownership.

Axle imbibes the unique experience of B&B Analytics as a strategic advisor to successful institutions and families which have drawn upon its knowledge and capabilities to develop long-term strategies for their businesses and investments. "We combined our entire knowledge and expertise into one comprehensive, seamless and leading-edge platform. This is a logical culmination of the effort spent on developing, delivering and perfecting our solutions over the past half-decade, but only a start if we look at what lies ahead," reflects Guido Bühler, founding partner.

Axle will be a flagship offering of B&B Analytics, a strategic advisor leveraging cutting-edge analytics and technology to deliver transparency, safety and sustainable performance to the wealth management and investment management industry.

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