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We aim to save millions of lives across the country: Dr. Kotii Reddy Saripalli, Founder Chairman Kotii Group

In an interview with BW Disrupt, Dr. Kotii Reddy Saripalli, Founder Chairman KOTII GROUP, talks about the company and more

1. Brief us about your business model like how did the idea came to start and how does it work (step by step procedure)? is social-for-profit real-time lifesaving platform having the Core purpose of saving 120+ million lives year – on – year, across the world by empowering volunteered donors through AI powered tech platform in real-time. Through we are aiming to fulfil India’s galloping 41 million units of blood shortage in India.    

IDEA: idea has emerged from the hard hitting reality of a personal emergency faced in the past. This situation made us realize the pain and need for safe and secure blood for the family anywhere anytime. While currently there are many ways for securing blood but many times due to various complications in fetching secure and safe blood, the victim’s family faces a lot of trouble running around in a crisis. This also shows us the real picture of India’s galloping 41 million units of blood shortage and million units of blood shortage worldwide.

PROCEDURE: Using this app is a lot simpler than booking a meal on Zomato or catching a ride on Uber. This app is available on both IOS and Android Platforms, therefore one can Install certified app from your favourite Google Playstore / Apple Appstore. The authentication happens through a valid OTP. The app asks for your permission to access all your contacts just like Whatsapp and you can see requests of your family and friends who are in need of blood. The app reflects everything related to the blood requirements like blood group, how urgent etc…. and you can help people around you - fighting for life in need of blood matching to your blood group. app is based on Mirracle Artificial Intelligence engine, advanced innovation to fetch secure safe blood in real-time.

2. What are the unique key points of your company?

We aim to save millions of lives across the country and therefore we have created this app using Mirracle AI Engine, which is one of its kinds. With the help of this AI technology the app connects with all your contacts saved in your mobile and informs you about the person who is facing acute shortage of Blood. This app also mentions various details like the blood group, location etc.. for the donor’s convenience. 

While creating this app we have also kept privacy of the donors on high priority, therefore does not reveal the identity of the donor till the time he/she connects with the victim’s family.  

This app also aims to help people in villages and remote areas, as all it needs is a smart phone which is something that is available to anyone and everyone these days.  This is such a hassle free app based on a simple technology that people in remote villages without any tech awareness can also make best use of it. Once a request is raised the app will do its job of Verifying Blood Request – Right from blood seeker need, till the location of blood donation, all details verified with relevant document proofs ets… 

It also empowers the donors to be reaffirmed that their donation has saved a precious life as they wanted. 

We also have features in this app like:

Boost Request – Way to reach more relevant donors within the chosen radius legitimately.

Social rewards – Real-time verifiable award certificate, Recognition, Credits and more…

Safe Blood -  Not just blood but safe blood for you, your family in real-time. 

3. How are you different from the existing competitors?

Competition is a loose term, we probably are the first complete lifesaving platform that is capable of serving people in need of blood across the country, even in the remote villages. It is a platform that empowers various organizations such as RedCross, Emergency Services, Government, Hospitals, Blood banks, 108 Emergency services etc.. to get integrated for the greater good. 

We transform blood donation to a life saving opportunity with utmost privacy – security – anti spamming features, which even enables the women blood donors to come forth for saving lives unlike other online websites, social media, limited functioning apps etc.. where the diversified donors list is next to none. is a real-time lifesaving platform unlike the other volunteer registries online.  

We are a mainstream lifesaving unit of Bharath HealthCare P  LIMITED. 

4. What is the funding status and monetization model?

We are self-funded by Bharath HealthCare P LIMITED with support of our parent group KOTII GROUP of Technological Ventures R&D P LIMITED.

Blood.Live is social-for-profit organization which aims to achieve self sufficiency through Boost Request, Verify Request, Integrations with Hospitals and Blood Banks.  

5. How has been the people`s response so far?

We are glad to see the amazing response of people and users so far. We have been pleasantly exceeding the expectations and currently having 14+ Lakhs of volunteered blood donors list of India is already live on Blood.Live. 

With this response we are confident that this app will surely make a difference in people’s life by saving the one in need.  

6. What are the traction details?

Every single life counts and even if we can empower people to save a single life then even that is a huge success, as it not only about the victim’s life but it saves the whole family from misery and pain they may have to go through. We are happy that we have already exceeded the expectations and 14+ Lakhs of volunteered blood donors list of India is already live on

7. How do you look at expansion?

We are in a progressive discussion with Middle East and Asian countries.

8. What is the market size and opportunity?

Approximately around 350+ millions units of blood get transfused every year. There has been a huge shortage of blood at all times, in India and even in other countries. We have launched this app to meet the demand of safe and secured blood for people across the country. is the first and only life saving platform which works in real-time using advanced AI technology, therefore there is a huge opportunity to serve people with the best use of technology.

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