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We Have Plans To Reach To Middle East & Westeren Countries By End Of This Year: Udit Agarwal, TrackOlap

In an interview with BW Businessworld, Udit Agarwal, Founder and CEO, TrackOlap, talks about the company and its expansion plans globally

What does TrackOlap exactly do? 
TrackOlap is a SAAS based analytics and location intelligence platform that leverages location sciences to offer solutions to improve workforce efficiency, business automation, facility management, smart transport, and fleet management. Driven by the vision of ‘Connecting things to business’, TrackOlap is a perfect fit for all type and any size of businesses to improve their operations whether in terms of assets (employees and vehicles) or better customer relations. We focus on solving complex problems in a simplified manner, which reflects in its solutions’ ease of applicability.

What is TrackOlap main focus?
TrackOlap 's main focus is to build B2B tools to improve the overall efficiency by providing a one stop solution touching almost every business functions i.e. managing employee, pre-sales, sales to post sales.

Our solutions helps company to save time and money, not only through live tracking of field employees, but also avoiding renting or buying offices in multiple locations. As our app helps to create a virtual office by geofencing system. From a single location gets all information regarding daily activities, meetings, sales, collection and many more.

Our dashboard and automated scheduled reports helps to provide single day or weekly or monthly reports to analyze the performance of business units or employees.

Tell us about the beta version which was launched in 2019?
Beta version was launched in early 2019 to check the pulse of customers and over feedback. Beta version has features with limited functions and after getting overwhelming response from customers we keep launching enhancements and more solutions to ease the business operations by digital automation and transformation. Some of the features which added later are : Service Management, Mobile CRM and Workflow automations.

What is your company's policy when it comes to privacy of data? 

We take data privacy and security very seriously. All customer data is securely stored in cloud based data centers, and the network design and firewalls ensures no unauthorized access. All interactions are encrypted through SSL. Our tech team comes from banking background and designed a highly secure platform to protect customer's data at the highest level.

How is it useful for the corporate world?

In the corporate world, Time and professionalism counts everything. To maintain it, not only rules need to create, but also need to see the outcomes. Our intelligent platform helps to save time in analysis of performance and overall functioning in various departments and customers. Efficiency can be measured through the platform on read time and also can be viewed best performing business unit in the organisation in real time. Higher management can see 360 degree performance view of complete organization and take decision according on time.

Is the company planning to pan it’s base globally too? 
Yes, we do have customers is almost every part of India. We already started spreading in Asia (few customers in Bangladesh). We have plans to reach to middle east and westeren countries later this year.

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