We Are Working To Bridge The Gap In Assistive Technology Sector: PM Sai Prasad, Makers Hives

In an interview with BW Disrupt, PM Sai Prasad, Co-Founder, Makers Hives, talks about his journey and more

How did you start your journey? 
Our journey started with a vision of providing a solution to over 40 million people worldwide, with over 6 million in India who are in need of prosthetics at an affordable price.  Keeping the concerns of developing economies in mind, we are working to bridge the gap in the assistive technology sector particularly in the field of prosthetics, by creating health-tech products that help people with amputations function more easily.

Your competition in the market? Why are you different from others?
I believe the key to transformation is not to standardize but to personalize the prosthetics sector. This approach gives us an edge over our competitors. For example we have developed KalArm, which is a disruptive product for the genesis of a new era - is our solution. It is India's first fully functional Bionic Hand, with 18 pre-defined grips and unique aesthetics. This bionic hand has been conceived and developed in Hyderabad that is 3D-printed, has an EMG sensor incorporated in it, and is lightweight and cheap. It is aimed at people with upper-limb below-elbow amputations in both national and global markets, and it can help India become more globally competitive in the prosthesis sector. While this technology can cost up to 25 lakhs INR in the west, our technology costs only Rs 2.5 lakh.

What are some of the initiatives you have undertaken for markets in Apac, particularly in India
As mentioned previously, we are working while keeping the concerns of developing economies in mind. The challenge is definitely huge but we are following the vision of 'make local and go global.'  Our indigenous technology is helping us to come up with solutions at much affordable rates than the west and we believe that India will soon become a leader in this area.

What are your plans for India?
We are developing further into our ingenious technology and we pla to further venture into Exoskeletons, ExoLegs & ExoHands which have applications in Defence, Medical & manufacturing sectors.  

We are Driven by a vision - To cater the needs and resume the daily routine of Indian & Global disabled population with an Indian alternative to serve and democratize the assistive-technology industry

How covid-19 treat your business?
We learnt the right lessons from the pandemic and we are in the process of building resilience for the next crisis, we have turned the COVID-19 adversity to our advantage.

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