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We Are Planning To Automate The Platform To Achieve Efficiency: Savita Garg, Founder, Eclassopedia

We are planning to collaborate with different educational institutions and international study groups to take our platform to the next level.

What is the story behind the inception of Eclassopedia? How does the platform work?

"In 2015, I was looking for a mathematics teacher for my daughter, but the nearest teacher's centre was 5 Km from my home, which added to my problems like transportation cost, pick and drop and safety issues.

I could not go outside for work due to my family responsibilities and social obligations. Then I realized that not only me but many women face these issues. This led me to build a platform for women empowerment.

I always had a dream to become an independent and financially strong person.

I envisioned felicitating one common platform on which tutors and students could interact, thereby removing all kinds of hurdles the students and the tutor face. "The birth of Eclassopedia was an outcome of my desire and a solution to many problems."  -Savita Garg Founder

How it works,

On getting a lead, we call the student and ask his/her requirements. Based on it, we assigned a teacher for the free demo. After getting the feedback and based on the demo session, the Eclassopedia Team makes a customized and personalized course plan as per the student's need. Then parents make the payment according to the course plan and start the classes promptly. We also provide an E-Monthly Report Card to the parents stating the topics covered and the student's performance. We hear students' requirements and arrange extra sessions for their needs during exams. We help students make their subjects more exciting and diverse by sharing notes/assignments/worksheets/lesson plans with each student.

We give special care for kids (mainly lower grade) who do not willingly spend more time in front of the monitor. Our team with special teachers helps engage the minor children for a long time by showing them exciting facts from subject books.

Tell us about the courses the platform offers. Which market is the target market for Eclassopedia?

Eclassopedia is the Edtech platform that focuses on providing customized and personalized online, one-to-one, and group classes worldwide.

Eclassopedia provides online education to students from K-12th grades following Curriculums like CBSE, Edexcel, IB, ICSE, GCSE, IGCSE, UK, USA, AUSTRALIAN, SINGAPORE and  Exams like the ACT,  11+, MCAT, NAPLAN, Olympiad,  PSAT, SAT, University Entrance Exams, round the clock, i.e., it works 24/7.

Eclassopedia Curriculum is Tailored to Syllabus with International Standards.

What makes Eclassopedia different from other K-12 educational platforms?

Eclassopedia provides different learning option courses to students; they can learn their subject with a personalized teacher. The teacher conducts online sessions according to the student's requirements. Daily updates, homework, assignment and test are done in synchronization. Parents can interact with the teacher whenever required.

Key Differentiators

  • Technology-enabled learning 
  • Personalized learning journeys 
  • Best teachers and engaging content 
  • Live and interactive learning 
  • One-to-one and group classes' facility 
  • Specialized co-curricular classes 


  •  Students scored  99 percentile in SAT and ACT Exams
  • 100% success rate in getting admission in many universities around UK and US

How many students are currently using Eclassopedia? Share some details about the teachers working with the platform.

Eclassopedia is mentoring 5000+ students from 50+ different countries. Teachers working with the Eclassopedia are well Qualified, Subject-Specific, experienced  & Dedicated to Advanced Learning and implement the best teaching strategies focused on students' performance.

What growth has the platform witnessed since its inception, and what is the targeted number?

Eclassopedia started with one student and is now mentoring 5000+ students from 50+ countries around the globe.

When are you planning to raise funds? What are your expansion plans?

Within the next one year, we plan to collaborate with different educational institutions and international study groups to take our platform to the next level. We are working to raise a technical platform that will be well equipped with digital learning.

What does the platform do for brand awareness? What are some strategies that have worked?

We advertise on various social media portals and websites. Email Marketing and interactions through social media and referrals from satisfied parents.

What will be the key focus areas of the platform in 2022?

To automate the whole platform so that efficiency can be achieved through streamlining. To improve and increase the lead counts and improve our student achievements/results better than the previous year.

What is the vision of Eclassopedia? What lies ahead for the platform in the year ahead?

Vision: To provide a world-class education to the students irrespective of their location. Eclassopedia Tutoring Service exists to help students. We take a unique and innovative approach to teaching that helps students connect with the subject matter they need to master. 

Through personalized and focused teaching processes, our students develop the tools they need for ongoing success in their fields of study. I firmly believe that I have a very supportive and dedicated team to help this vision come true.


What additional support does Eclassopedia provide to its students? How does it make them future-ready or keep them way ahead?

Eclassopedia provides integrated and multifactorial support to all its students. It works on cognitive, affective and psychomotor learning domains, which progresses from more basic,surface-level to more complex and profound learning.

The key factors which we provide to our students are as follows :

  • Monthly E-Report Cards
  • Counselling Services 
  • WhatsApp Services

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