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We Aim To Double Assessments To 20 M+ By This Year: Manish Mohta, MD & Founder, Learning Spiral

Our mission here is to make the assessment and examination more asynchronous by providing solutions and services to the institutions that will double the available learning hours in the country.

What is the vision behind Learning Spiral?

Our vision behind setting up Learning Spiral is to impact the education system at the grassroots level. At this juncture in the Indian education system, we noticed that out of 12 months, 4 to 5 months goes out unproductive in conducting the exam. During this period, the schools become the centres, the teachers evaluators, and the whole learning process shuts down. The same is the case with universities as well, during the exams, teachers get occupied with administrator duty and the universities get closed for 2-3 months.

Learning spiral is here to reform the timeline as cumulatively students have 12 months, but effectively the learning is hardly happening for 5-6 months in the entire year. Our mission here is to make the assessment and examination more asynchronous by providing solutions and services to the institutions that will double the available learning hours in the country.

How is the business doing, and what is the growth trajectory?

The business is growing well, and momentarily we conducted and declared one crore of student’s exams & results. Talking about big universities like Jamia Millia Islamia, Banaras Hindu Universities, state boards, state technical universities, we drastically reduced their timeline by helping them in conducting online proctoring exams. Universities were scared of the semester system even boards were not even able to imagine conducting exams twice in a year, but now when they are stuck in-between, they’ve come up with the semester's system. Those are the areas where we played an integral role and positively impacted the area by promising close to 50-75% reduction in time and have been able to deliver on that. Talking about Tamil Nadu boards, one of the biggest boards in the country, we’ve been able to transform their examination cycle. There are nearly 26 lac students there who are now giving exams twice a year with our online proctoring. In some of the largest universities as Amravati University, 4 lac students are having exams twice a year whereas, in Makaut, we’ve catered nearly 1.5 lac- 2 lac students’ exams and largely impacted them during covid. In the time of the pandemic, we all have seen the continuous rise and adoption of online assessment systems with audio-visual Proctoring. Makaut is the first university in India that conducted audio plus video exams with AI online Proctoring that detects unfairness in exams from wherever we are screening the exam. The whole examination process just took one week instead of two. The system is now leading us to grow, and we’ve doubled the number of students. This is the experience we got in the last 2 years.

We are aiming for a minimum of 100% growth in impact in the coming year. We measure the number of students impacted as a key metric. As of now, we process more than 10 million assessments annually. We aim to double this in the coming year and take it to 20 million+ assessments.

How many universities are affiliated with your platform currently, and the expected number to onboard in 2022?

We’ve worked with nearly 40 plus universities till now. In 2022 we want to double the impact as well as the number of universities.

What kind of services and solutions are you providing to the educational bodies?

We manage their entire student cycle. From the registration process to managing students’ academics, from tracking students' progress to generating exam papers, and from examining to providing them with the final result, and even the degrees, we help educational bodies to manage the entire thing seamlessly and effectively from the beginning till the end.

What do you think will be the demand of your business model still there after the end of this Covid situation?

If you notice the scenario that exists today, is digital and in upcoming days, it’ll be manual as well as digital. If I talk about the answer booklet, we provide universities with a solution to evaluate their answer booklet digitally even if the students are giving exams through pen and paper, digital evaluation helps education bodies to evaluate them by the scan. Data evaluation is hybrid and helps in doing things more effectively. I don’t visualize any downturn in the services we are providing and in the future, we’ll see another mixture is coming into place. Overall the system will need to be completely digitally enabled as soon as possible.

Moving forward the Education solutions industry is likely to grow by a minimum of 100% and we are moving to capture a good share of the same. Our internal targets are for an overall 10% share of the segments we are working in and a growth of 100% for the coming year.

Ed-Tech these days is looking for funding and investment, are you also looking for that to expand your business?

Yes, we are looking for a strategic investment as we are in the growth phase & not a startup anymore. Also, our products are now tested & have aligned to the market. As with years of experience, In central universities, we are close to 10% of the market share & at state universities, we are catering to some of the great universities in the country. Amongst Central Universities, we cater to more than 35% of the Students with name-worthy Universities like Banaras Hindu University, Jamia Milia Islamia. We need a third party to invest and indulge with us that will speed up the market. We are also looking at expanding our service offerings beyond the Indian borders to the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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