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Tanmay Jaswal

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Upsurge in the Population of Tech- Savvy Mothers

This mother’s day, the best gift you can get for your mother is to make her tech-savvy by updating them about the possibilities of technology and the utility of smartphones and apps.

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Mothers are not just home makers but working professionals, who manage their daily household chores and the workplace. While advent of newer and smarter technologies, like smart phones, has made mothers inclined towards various social media sites, Technology new generation mothers are also using technology to become better informed and organize their lives more intelligently. Newer and more useful apps are helping mothers, especially home makers in becoming smarter with time. These apps have made it easy for mothers to manage their household chores as well as their family. There has been a rise in the number of mothers, who are becoming tech- savvy.  Smart phones and these utility apps are one such technological advancement which have come as a blessing in every individual’s life. 

This trend of greater smartphone penetration and new utility apps has played an important role in transforming traditional mothers into tech-savvy ones:

  • Apps to book cabs/autos:

The ride aggregator apps work pan India have made it very simple for mothers to go out at any point of time, during the day. GPRS enabled cab and auto services have reduced their fear of going out alone, which enables them to go out any time for shopping, and other errands. These apps allow mothers relief from standing in the scorching heat while waiting for public transport. Pre-booking facility is available in these cabs and autos, so that they do not suffer due to scarcity or non-availability of cabs.

  • Identification of fake currency:

There are few apps, which help the mothers to identify whether currency notes are fake or not. On a daily basis, mothers have to deal with various vendors, whether they buy groceries, vegetablesor make payments for several household needs. Such apps have made it very simple for them to identify whether the currency notes they get from these vendors, are genuine or not. These apps help them in identifying the authenticity of the currency by simply answering a few questions a long with some intuitive video instructions available in the app.

  • Identification of LPG Pilferage:

For home makers, it is very important to keep a track of all their households needs, and manage their household budgets well.It is widely known that LPG cylinders are pilfered and cooking gas is stolen before the cylinder is delivered to the home. As a result, the cooking gas finishes much before time, and the household budget of cooking gas goes up. There are certain apps and software which can be accessed through smart phones, to identify whether there is tampering in the gas cylinders or not. These apps have made it simpler for home makers to check for tampering when the gas cylinder is delivered. It has not just made the mothers smarter but wiser as well.

  • Smart phones make day to day coordination easy:

In the daily household chores, there is always a possibility that mothers might forget about few important things. With many instant messaging apps, they can now do coordination of various household chores so much more effectively. They can coordinate their meetings or manage pickups and drops or organize events much more easily now. It is also much easier for them to stay in touch regularly with their friends and family through these instant messaging apps. 

  • Making service appointments:

Some apps have made it very easy for mothers to make their appointments online. Mothers do not get time for themselves, as some of them are involved in their daily household chores and few of them are working professionals. Instead of taking out time from their busy schedule, these apps enable them to avail some services in the comfort of their home. A visit to medical practitioners or booking salon appointments or getting servicemen like carpenters and electricians can  also be activated through these apps.

  • Shopping:

There are so many options of shopping apps which make life so much easier for the tech-savvy mothers. From daily groceries to furniture to clothes to shoes, almost anything can now be purchased via these apps. The tech-savvy mother can save so much of her time shopping by simply shopping online and her shopping list gets delivered at home to her.

This mother’s day, the best gift you can get for your mother is to make her tech-savvy by updating them about the possibilities of technology and the utility of smartphones and apps. You must also help your mother by teaching her on how to use so that they can make their lives easier and simple. All these advancements can make mothers especially home makers; independent.Technological evolution has not just enhanced the knowledge of women who are home make makers, but has also made them smarter. Mother’s day is one such day when one can gift their mother something which makes their life simpler and also enhances their awareness.

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