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US based Redis Labs Acquires RDBTools Developed by an Indian startup HashedIn Technologies

Solution was indigenously developed by the tech team at Hashedin’s Bangalore Tech Centre

Indian startup HashedIn Technologies has entered into an agreement with Redis Labs to sell their indigenously developed software RDBTools. The team based in Hashedin Technologies Bangalore Tech Centre developed the software for the global market. The acquisition by Redis Labs in an all cash deal will put the Indian startup in the international arena.  

Redis is an incredibly popular open source, in-memory database, typically used in high performance scenarios, with use-cases including application caches, message brokers and even as a primary database. Redis is currently being adopted by some of the world’s most reputed companies like Twitter, Snapchat and Github to name a few.  

HashedIn Technologies, a fast-growing product development services company based out of India’s Silicon Valley, had been developing expertise in Redis for some time, solving problems and developing solutions for Fortune 500 companies. 

“At HashedIn, we incubate and develop several products for our customers as well as develop new products whenever we find a gap in the market. Being a premier Redis Labs partner and having deep capabilities in Redis, RDBTools, a commercial GUI tool was natural for us to build.” said Harshit Singhal, Chief Business Officer at HashedIn.  

During RedisConf 2019, Redis Labs announced that they will be acquiring RDBTools. “Over the years one of the most popular requests from the Redis community has been a standard UI tool. After a short due-diligence process we found RDBTools by Hashedin as the most comprehensive tool available in the market today for monitoring and analyzing data within Redis. We are happy to add RDBtools to our portfolio of products, and as a commitment to our Redis community we will continue to develop and maintain the product going forward with the team that created it at HashedIn” said  Yiftach Shoolman, Founder & CTO - Redis Labs. 

According to Sripathi Krishnan CTO of HashedIn Technologies, - the brain behind RDBTools, “In early 2012, HashedIn created an open source command-line tool to profile and debug Redis databases. This product was a hit in the open source community and large corporations such as Facebook and Alibaba find the solution seamlessly effective.”  

Today, RDBTools is the most popular management tool for Redis. Several enterprises today use RDBTools to manage large RedisLabs clusters - including Myntra, Palo Alto Networks and Broadcom. 

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