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Two Creative Partners at Zurie Expect Exponential Growth In The Luxury Market

Zurie Design Studio breaks the gender bias because modernizing the accessory trend has no boundaries

Sonam Gupta and Prarit Gupta are the two ambitious partners of Zurie Design Studio. Both of them are equipped with a creative vision and an incredible business acumen required to establish a successful brand. 

Excerpts from the interview- 

How was it started. Tell us about the key feature/services of startup?

Both Sonam and Prarit are promising designers and they decided to create a platform where along with their own innovations, designers across the globe may also be given with the opportunity to bring their creations in the field of accessories, unisex jewellery, perfumes, and a lot of other lifestyle products.

How is it different from existing ones?

Zurie Design Studio breaks the cliché of serving the designer possessions exclusively for the special occasions. At Zurie, your favorite designers in the industry showcase their latest masterpieces and the Directors curate each piece representing immaculate craftsmanship. Zurie offers beautiful designer pieces for every day, from the workplace to a family brunch. Moreover, Zurie Design Studio breaks the gender bias because modernizing the accessory trend has no boundaries. It is the one stop destination for all the genders to relish all that one’s heart desires and even gift it to the loved ones.

What is your Funding status currently?

Zurie is out & out a self-funded venture but the future plans include going international for which they might join hands with a VC.

What is your Monetization model existingly?

Retail Sale at the store, and through participations in events and exhibitions.

Please tell us about Future plans?

By procuring unique material from designers of all spheres and crafts, internationally acclaimed and the undiscovered ones in the industry, Zurie Design Studio is making brilliant efforts to revolutionize the face of designer luxury products by giving its customers affordable luxury; both tangible and intangible.

What are your Marketing efforts for the future?

More focused on delivering a delightful user experience to the customers at both inside and outside the store than investing time and money on aggressive promotions. Being a startup organisation, we rely more on Digital Marketing rather than following the conventional methods.

What kind of challenges did you faced initially? And what market size & opportunity are you looking at?

The size of the luxury market in India is growing exponentially in metro cities. And, as both the co-founders are good at understanding the psychology of their target audience, there is no such a big challenge or threat except the growing e-commerce trend in the country.

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