Trading Old or New Unused Items Now Made Easy Through TPOIS

Any company can list its products & stressed assets with and TPOIS connects the company to a buyer.

TPOIS (Think Positive on Industrial Surplus) is based on a novel business philosophy which advocates that don’t neglect your industrial surplus because it is the HIDDEN WEALTH of the organization. BWDisrupt spoke to Mr. Madhusudan Chokhani to know more about their business venture:

The concept was launched in early 2015, when a group of industrial company have abundance of surplus product and then they decided to en-cash their surplus and generate the required working capital from the company itself, with the punch line “Bring In The Revolution By Converting Your Surplus Stock Into Liquid Capital” and we achieved 70 – 80 % of our target and finally decided to make it online for the benefit for the industrial community by fulfilling our Goal and finally launched in 2017."

How does your startup work?
1A) Logo symbolizes a sign of growth with ethnic values/ business ethics. It also conveys/ shows the vision and passion to rule over the world with the motto of best in quality of services and best in commitment.

The Word Tpois can be interpreted by two or three ways:
a) T-poise : ‘T’ stands for technical, ‘poise’ means always “ready” and “firm”. The word “Ready” refers to the machinery which are always ready to produce and the word “firm” refers on firm quality.
b) Tpois, also says or can be interpret that the industrial community should always be positive on their surplus product not to neglect the surplus product as it is HIDDEN WEALTH of the organization.
1B) TPOIS: Think Positive On Industrial Surplus

TPOIS: A New Generation Industrial Search Engine
With a focus on the needs of the industrial community has been created to provide a one-point stop for all industrial solutions. Bringing companies to a pivotal organization that revolutionizes the methods of trading, TPOIS provides an impetus to and facilitates sale and purchase of products in the open market. Trading is carried out at your price and your terms & conditions. Trading in old or new unused items i.e. industrial machinery, equipment, tools, e-waste, scrap and finished products/surplus inventory can be carried out expediently.

How was it started?

We are a group of companies involved in manufacturing activities where we have experienced that the Industrial Products Inventory & Assets value runs into Crores, and with that we started “” portal/ search engine with the thought to reduce Inventory & Assets by sharing our awareness in the open market. We at “Tpois” help you in reducing Inventory to almost 60%.
The manufacturing industries, where they have huge numbers/amount of Inventory & Assets and because of their different priorities it is often left back, so we enable them to liquidate the dead stock into liquidity.

Please tell us about the unique key features of company?
Seller’s gain at TPOIS
1. E-auction facility
2. Realization of optimized value
3. Matching of buyer to seller
4. Marketing of products to appropriate buyers through sector wise industries. Data is generated on a pan-India basis - to go international in next phase
5. Showcase for products and services
6. Revenue generation from non-moving/unused assets
7. Expediting the decision-making process
8. Low inventory carrying cost and reduced paper work
9. Leaves you free to focus on the core area of business

Buyer’s benefit at TPOIS
1. Once registered with TPOIS you will be able to view company profiles and all the listed products and services
2. With TPOIS B2B Portal user can search for industrial products and services.
3. Buyers can save time as well as the hard-earned money that would otherwise be wasted in searching for respective products personally
4. Buyers get the facility in the system to select the item/seller of their business interest
5. Vast variety of product availability across the country
6. Establish connections throughout country with similar industries.

Any company can list its products & stressed assets with and TPOIS connects the company to a buyer. We list the industrial machinery/products with images and technical details. . We find you the end-user for your listed products and assets. We market your products to appropriate buyers through a sector-wise classification of industries. This data is generated on a pan-India basis. We create a showcase for your products and services for a country-wide audience.

How is it differ from existing ones in the domain?
As it is one of its kinds launched so far and the person wants to copy the idea they can call themselves the competitors. Its Core Competencies is the transparency in the deal making.

Buyers are able to purchase products directly from sellers without any third party intervention. TPOIS is also not involved in the buying/selling process.
A seller can also be a buyer for a particular product which may be needed on an SOS basis (as sometimes the OEM price and lead time is not in line with the buyer’s requirement)

What is the funding status of Company?
The company is bootstrapped currently.

What is your future plans for for this venture?
Monetization Model: The Concept of tpois is actually to serve the community first and then of course in the commercialized era everyone is looking for some earning and as tpois vision is to become a one stop shop of the industrial community we plan to provide all the below services:
a) Listing fee
b) Transaction fee
c) E- auction
d) Equipment financing

Traction detail: Tpois as defined portal is a need of the hour and a pain point of the industry which is spreading like fire among the SMEs and large corporate. The marketing and the awareness of the portal is planned to go full swing in few months and accordingly the traction is increasing on daily basis. It’s a must visit and register industrial portal.

Future Plan: Launching of tpois, making it more transparent and dynamic in nature, making it one stop shop for user, pertain to sell and buy to user, equipment financing, optimize price by incorporating e-auction.

Marketing Plan: Our marketing plan are as follow:
• Bulk e-mailing
• Bulk SMS
• Google Ad words & Sponsored Links
• Advertisement on Mobile Apps
• Advertisement on Social Media platforms
• One to One Visits
• Trade Fairs
• Conferences
• Blogging
• You tube
• Print Media
• TV Commercial
• Glossy Ads
• Radio
• OOH (out-of-home advertising)
Challenges faced: Challenges are the:
• Development
• Creation of Infrastructure
• Awareness
• Educating others for their own benefits
• Marketing
• Collation

Market Size: we understand that in India there are approx 15 lakhs registered companies, out of which we take that 25% would be into Manufacturing may be small scale or large scale around 3.75 lakhs and we assume that on an average each company would be having 100-150 equipment, machinery tools which is not usable by them or are surplus or may be excess stock/ consumables with them so it makes upto around 53 million all products. That is the market size we expecting.

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