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Top 5 Things To Do In The New Year To Make Your Employee More Productive And Engaged

Employee enablement space is changing rapidly and while there is much to do, it is important that we prioritize and focus on the most critical items first.

I recently was talking to a seasoned investor, who said that the Top # 3 priority for his portfolio companies this year is Talent – Talent – Talent. Hire talent, Train talent and Retain talent. 2021 was the start of an all-out war for talent and the battle is about to get much more intense in 2022.

Countries from India to US saw a major spike in resignations. For example, in the US market 4.5 million people quit in November 2021, a monthly record for that economy. This coupled with low unemployment rates and a historically high number of job openings in knowledge sectors – makes it a critical time to double down on making sure our employees are productive and engaged.

Employee enablement space is changing rapidly and while there is much to do, it is important that we prioritize and focus on the most critical items first. Based on extensive discussions with industry leaders, analysts and other thought leaders, here is my Top 5 recommended suggestions for employee enablement in 2022.

Top 5 things you can do to enable your employees

1) Make knowledge easier to find:

According to research by McKinsey and others, employees can spend upto 20% of their time looking for information on various topics. The old way of creating policies, procedures and handbooks and posting them on intranets is dead in today’s fast changing world. The new paradigm is employee should simply be able to ask, “How do I…?” and smart technology answers their questions. This saves tens of minutes per employee every day – not to mention saves the frustration of reading a 200-page handbook where the answer may be on page 183!

2) Implement Learning in flow of work:

Persistent remote working is one of the biggest changes brought about by the pandemic. This change has created a void in how employees informally learn. In most organizations a lot of learning used to happen in cubicle chats, water cooler conversations and other informal interactions. The old school LMS based training is in no position to deliver on this need. New Microlearning solutions, that train employees in byte size chunks when they have a question or need help are much more effective and are absolutely critical for remote workers.

3) Simplify Service – Deliver Consumer Grade Experience

It is 2022 – do we still want to have our employee pickup the phone, call help desk – and wait a day or two to get help? Our workforce of today has grownup in the age of 10-minute grocery delivery & instant video streaming. Forcing them to use an ancient way of getting support in areas like IT Helpdesk and HR Service Delivery is a sure shot way to make them frustrated. Fix it in 2022 – deliver a technology enabled consumer grade, instant service model.

4) Harness the power of Microsoft Teams and Slack

Yes – they are just technologies to do meetings and chat, but they are also destinations where employees are spending 30-40% of their time – Every Day!. These technologies have the potential to do for companies what smartphones did for us in our personal life. Enterprise knowledge, unified help, quick engagement surveys, self-service automation – can all be a click away in these tools, helping deliver an easy enjoyable support experience for the employees.

5) Measure engagement and get feedback 24*7

I still remember the days when we used to do employee surveys every couple of years – and then spent months analyzing it by each team. Delete this from your list in 2022 - if you haven’t done so already. As a startup founder I need to know my customer satisfaction on a daily basis – and we need to bring the same speed to measuring employee engagement. Frequent quick check on pulse by asking short relevant NPS style questions is the way of the future. We need to gather input and respond to our employees on a daily, monthly, quarterly basis. Remember – of we don’t our competition will – this is a war for talent, and you can’t be flying blind.

Productive, engaged employees are the fastest path to better top line and bottom line for today’s knowledge economy companies. Do start your digital employee enablement strategy today – your employee’s will thank you for it.

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