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Top 5 Startups to Strengthen Parents & Children Bond

While there are many startups doing a great job in the parenting & kids space, these five are our pick for the ones every parent would want to be a part of.

At the recently concluded Miss World contest, Manushi Chillar didn’t just win the title but also won the hearts of billions of mothers across the planet. If social media is to be believed, the entire credit of her victory goes to her answer in the Q/A round where she said “Motherhood is the job that deserve the highest salary”. Mothers, indeed, have the toughest job of them all. Right from conceiving to the time a child settles in his/her life, a mother goes through thousands of challenges & sacrifices in order to ensure a safe and healthy upbringing of the child.

A lot of new age startups are now providing products and solutions with the aim of making this tough journey of a mother a bit easier. Here, I will be talking about 5 of them.


As the society has moved from joint families to nuclear, a big issue women face during pregnancy & early days of motherhood is the lack of information. A host of startups are trying to solve this issue & BabyChakra is probably the most prominent one in this space. BabyChakra runs a mobile app & a website where mothers/to be mothers come together & help each other out with answers to questions that concern them. While being a community where mothers help each other out, they host expert interactions as well to handle more nuanced inquires.


Being modern day kids, the toddlers these days learn how to handle gadgets before they know how to walk. Playing with phones & watching videos all day long is a cause of concern for most parents. But, if used in the right way, this same early childhood love for screens can be converted into a healthy way of learning. This is exactly what OckyPocky is trying to do. OckyPocky is a mobile app with amazing collection of videos for your child & you, leveraging technology to advance the learning of a child in his/her early days.

Tiffin’s Etc.

While parents can control and supervise the nutrition of the child at home, things get a bit tricky when it comes to meals being had during school hours. The choice is often between cold food packed from home at 6 am typically comprising of parantha, sandwiches or even Maggi OR unhealthy canteen food. Tiffin’s Etc. works with leading schools of Delhi/NCR to provide tasty and nutritious meals to children in school that are served hot and prepared under strict quality standards. With Tiffin’s Etc., parents don’t have to worry whether the nutrition needs of the child are met during the school hours.


A growing child needs nutrition, as well as overall physical & mental development. Many times, with immense focus on a child’s education & related activities, fitness takes a backseat. HealthSetGo is a startup which currently works with 100+ schools providing in-depth health checkups for all students with an online tracker, where parents can monitor the physical well being of a child. HealthSetGo is helping parents & mothers in a big way by helping them raise healthy children.


Every child creates something new everyday – drawings, writings, memories etc. All these things get lost over a period of time, without being seen by anyone besides teachers & immediate family. At Plowns, we have started a mission where we are bringing together mothers from across the world & providing them with a platform where they can digitally store all the amazing things being created by their children everyday, and share with parents across the world. With the aim of filling children with pride & self confidence through the appreciation there day to day activities receive on Plowns, we are trying to help mothers raise happy children.

While there are many startups doing a great job in the parenting & kids space, these five are our pick for the ones every parent would want to be a part of.

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