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ToneTag Partners With Trust Chemists and Druggists Ltd. For Sound-Based Contactless Payments

ToneTag technology enables sound based payments through their partner wallets at Trust outlets , eliminating the need for cash.

Trust Chemists and Druggists Ltd., Karnataka’ s fastest growing retail pharmacy chain, has partnered with ToneTag, a proximity communication company to integrate and deploy its sound-based, contactless payment technology in 70 outlets across Karnataka. ToneTag technology will allow Trust customers to make ‘cardless’ and ‘cashless’ payments using their mobile phones.

Trust’s mission of maintaining excellent standards of pharmaceutical care, has led them to innovate and adopt various technologies such as ToneTag, which enables contactless payments over any mobile device, including feature phones. Although cash was the most commonly used form of payment, post demonetisation, it became essential to enable cashless payments specially in pharmaceutical stores that provide emergency and round the clock services to customers.

Now, customers can download any of ToneTag’s partner apps including YesPay, Airtel Money and ICICI Pockets and can select the ToneTag option to make fast, secure and cashless payments.

ToneTag uses sound signals to establish communication between devices. Their Software Development Kit (SDK) only requires a speaker and a microphone to work. It can utilize the in-built mic or speaker of any device to enable data transfer through soundwaves and hence it supports most existing devices such as PCs, POS, EDC devices feature phones and wearables. Since this technology supports any hardware, the only prerequisite is the integration of the ToneTag SDK at both merchant (POS or Mobile devices) and customer interaction points (Mobile apps). The SDK contains features such as patented noise filters, three levels of encryption, tokenization, white box cryptography and multifactor authentication to ensure security and reliability.

Payments through ToneTag are higly secure and allow businesses to streamline their checkout process by providing a seamless transaction experience for both the customer and the retailers.

The technology is currently available to Airtel Money, ICICI Pockets and Yes Pay wallet users. It further advances ToneTag’s drive to reduce cash usage and promote a better payment experience for all.

"The ToneTag team have combined their deep insights of the banking systems in India with core technology innovations to solve a long-standing challenge of cashless payments. Technology like ToneTag's will be a natural enabler of India's shift into a new information infrastructure. I am delighted to see that the chain of Trust pharmacies has decided to adopt ToneTag's solution. By accounting for the multiple use cases of contactless proximity payments, Trust will be radically improving the customer experience,” said Mohandas Pai vice chairman of Manipal group and a ToneTag Investor in a statement.

“I am delighted that Trust is tying up with ToneTag for contactless payments in our retail stores. Having served the customers for last 15 years, this is a value addition for Trust and its customers with no extra cost. Trust will carry this service forward with ToneTag to connect the loyalty program and many such value added services in future," said Mr. C P Bothra - Chairman, Trust Pharmacy in a statement.

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