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To Commemorate International Women’s Day, ThatsPersonal Launches an Initiative #ConsentHerChoice

ThatsPersonal raised voice against misuse of ‘consent’ through #ConsentHerChoice movement

It’s International Women’s Day! A day to celebrate femininity; a day dedicated to the mother, wife, sister, friend, daughter, and guide who fills the void spaces in everyone’s life and makes them just perfect. In lieu of their affection and unconditional care, they expect nothing. So, this is the best opportunity to give them back by showering our love and respect. Everyone is doing their bit to make the women in their life feel special. ThatsPersonal celebrated this special day in their own style by launching #ConsentHerChoice campaign.  

In this special occasion of Women’s Day, ThatsPersonal adopted a unique movement #ConsentHerChoice, in order to value and respect the women. The ‘consent of a woman’ is the quintessence of the movement. Through this movement, the company accentuated the most important cause behind the #MeToo movement viz. ‘consent’. They adopted the movement with an aim to raise a voice against the menace of misuse of Consent; to spread awareness amongst the men; to urge men to take consent from a woman every single time and respect their decision; to make this world a better and safer place for the women; and to make their contribution in preventing any more #MeToo.

Through #ConsentHerChoice movement, these people want to spread awareness among the male community that they should respect a female’s consent at all times. Consent is important for any relationship including sex and without consent, men are giving birth to another #MeToo. When a woman says no, it means a no and there is no other meaning to it. Similarly, when a woman says yes then that is her consent and that is Personal. A yes today does not a Yes always.

ThatsPersonal initiated this campaign by rolling out an explainer video which clearly elaborates various situations where consent can be misused. This video is complemented by another selfie video whereby Mr. Vineshkumar Kunhiraman, COO of ThatsPersonal urges all the men to step out and apologize to the women for their wrongdoings in the past. Then Mr. Samir Saraiya, the CEO of the company shared a pledge on their social media channels calling out others to make a pledge for the females on this special day. The whole movement has received good response from the audiences. The video is getting viral on different social platforms while the pledge chain that was kickstarted by the CEO himself is also gaining momentum among the masses. Within three hours, over 10 pledges from different people have been uploaded.   

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