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This Journalist Decided to be the Change and Not Simply Report the Change

“I felt like I wanted to do something different, and where I could drive the direction of the story being put out, instead of being a cog in a very large machine”

“I’ve been fortunate to grow up in a family where gender doesn’t matter. I am part of a small minority of women in my country that have had the opportunity of a well-rounded education and have been brought up in an environment of equal footing. My parents and sister have been instrumental in my journey of being an independent woman and have been given me the freedom to make my own decisions. Through them, I’ve learnt the importance of strong female role models and the influence they have in shaping the ideologies of young people”, says Tara.

Tara Kapur currently works as executive producer at Supari Studios. She focuses on both internal and external growth opportunities for the company. Tara is a former television journalist, experienced in strategically developing, executing and managing digital content. She is passionate to a fault about digital marketing and fascinated by the constant state of change within the digital space.

“I think that's the reason why I wanted to work in the media industry, I felt I had a responsibility to share stories and talk about important issues in society today. I’ve always been passionate about the ability of the media to tell powerful stories to inspire action. As media professionals and content creators, we play a pivotal role in telling stories that could shape the future. So I started off by becoming the editor of my school paper, and later my college magazine. I pursued a post graduate degree in television journalism, and then started working as a producer and reporter at leading TV news channels. However after six years working as a journalist, I felt like I wanted to do something different, and where I could drive the direction of the story being put out, instead of being a cog in a very large machine.

I joined Supari Studios, a digital content studio that functions at the intersection of film, design, and technology, around 3 years ago and haven't looked back since. Working at a startup like Supari Studios, I have had the opportunity to oversee various roles at the organisation. In a nutshell, my role is essentially to help the company grow through various channels - through business partnerships, media interactions and community building. On the branded content side, I develop strategies for brands such as Nike, Google, Dolby, Red Bull and others. I’m a part of the founding team that set up Vitamin Stree, the company’s first proprietary content property. Vitamin Stree is a platform that touches on content around the passion points of young women in India. Besides this, I work as the communications lead, and regularly work on deepening the company’s media relationships and external messaging”.

Supari Studios is a multidisciplinary production house that creates content for the digital medium. “We collaborate with crusaders in design, film, technology and all things digital to bring large (and small) scale ideas into reality.

We are digital storytellers that engage people with ideas that are changing the world today, tomorrow and forever”.

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