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ThinkPhi’s Ulta Chaata Creates Green Recreation Center at Masina Hospital

The 3 newly installed Ulta Chaatas have the potential to generate over 3 lakh liters of water and at peak capacity harness up to 6KWp of renewable energy

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ThinkPhi, a clean technology startup, has earlier this week installed its flagship product, which helps filter water and produces renewable energy at an industrial level aptly named the Ulta Chaata after its curious shape, at Masina Hospital in Mumbai. The hospital inaugurated a new open-air, day-care vocational center for children and adults with special needs. This new facility will be able to accommodate up to 16 residents with special needs. The center has installed 3 Ulta Chaatas that have the potential to generate over 3 lakh litres of water and at peak capacity harness up to 6KWp of renewable energy.

Children and adults with special needs face innumerable challenges and it is essential to create a safe and healthy environment for them. The vocational center at Masina Hospital provides an open space for recreational purposes under the shade of the Ulta Chaatas. Being a one of kind product, the Ulta Chaata is an intelligently designed device that converges rainwater and solar power, stores energy and efficiently provides aesthetic live lighting. Under the shade of Ulta Chaatas the hospital will run various vocational activities for the residents.

Dr. Vispi Jokhi, medical director at Masina Hospital says, “Handling children with special needs always requires effort and a deeper understanding of their psyche. We, at Ahura Support, believe that our special residents need open space for different recreational activities that will not only help them grow but also create a safe and healthy environment. Our facility is wheelchair friendly and designed for all residents of different age groups. We are excited to showcase Ulta Chaata as it not only creates a recreational environment, but also gives us the chance to do our part towards building a sustainable future."

Priya Choksi, cofounder, ThinkPhi said, “We are glad that Ulta Chaata was chosen to be part of the new recreation facility for Masina Hospital. We are proud to add ‘the green technology factor’ to the facility by providing healthy environment and energy saving options. Installing Ulta Chaata was ideal for the hospital as it will not only provide visual appeal but also multi-purpose benefits like shade from sun during the day, lighting in the night, clean drinking water and in the future a charging stations.”

ThinkPhi is a sustainable clean technology startup developing products based on three pillars of sustainability - waste, water, energy. Using the principles of environmental science and sustainable design, our green products are made to be intelligent and influence user behavior to conserve earth’s natural resources.

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