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There Is A Shift Towards Products That Emphasise Physical & Mental Health: Sahil Mehta, Emmbros Overseas

In an interview with BW Disrupt, Sahil Mehta, Managing Director & Founder of Emmbros Overseas, spoke about the new acquisition, revenue, fundamental marker and more

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey in the health and wellness industry? 
My father's entrepreneurial journey inspired me; his knowledge of Ayurveda is the foundation of my business products today. I understood that there is a scope to explore more in the health and wellness industry as the market has not penetrated yet, and there was a considerable gap in the demand and supply of these products. The products available were pricey too. Hence, I launched Emmbros Overseas in 2018, to offer various natural solutions that know and employ traditional and scientific research to develop quality products. St.Botanica was the first brand under the Emmbros Overseas umbrella; with the brand's response, I was further motivated to introduce more brands with the same values. All the brands focus on creating wholesome wellness solutions that are natural and indigenous.

We read about the new acquisition; what is your plan for the other three brands under Emmbros Overseas?
Yes, St.Botanica and Oriental Botanics were recently acquired by The Good Glam Group in a 100% acquisition. We aim to reach the most rural place of the country by adding warehouses and brick-and-mortar units and making every product available from the house of Emmbros Overseas. And this acquisition was a perfect opportunity to focus on MuscleXP, Man Arden, and Mom and World to capture a new emerging market. So the fund will be an excellent aid to these three brands. Internationally, we are listed on Amazon US, UAE and plan to set up warehouses there to reach out to the global audience. The Company has already allotted investments of 90 Cr for next 2 years to Reach Revenue scales of 200Cr by FY24

What is your offering in the Indian market?
We are offering products with the combination of the best of western research with traditional indigenous solutions to offer a complete, exhaustive product range that meets the need and preferences of every Indian consumer. As a result, we are setting new benchmarks of excellence in quality and emerging as trendsetters in the Indian beauty and wellness industry, with multiple 'firsts' proudly associated with our various brands. Previously, we have been the first to launch Face Serums in India, Vitamin C, Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Moroccan Argan, Purple Colored Shampoo, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Enteric Coated Fish oil and similar strategies will be followed in other brands by being the ‘first’ to launch the best of concepts in India

How's the growth been in terms of revenue and customers?
In the last few years, the company has seen a growth of 100% y-o-y and is now diverting an outlay of funds into increasing the existing portfolio of brands. The audience has received the products well, as we are catering dependable products to meet their daily health requirements.

What are the fundamental market shifts that you are seeing?
The overall health and wellness industry is witnessing a boom. The sector is offering growth to all players, be it with the traditional or with a scientific approach; all are winning it. The industry has shown promising growth as people have become more conscious and concerned about their health. People today look at sounder health, improved fitness, better nutritional intake, pleasing appearance, adequate sleep, and mindfulness and are spending a reasonable amount on products that can help them achieve that. As a result, there is a massive shift towards products and services that emphasise physical and mental health.

What makes MuscleXP top the charts?
MuscleXP sets the standard in the nutritional supplement industry by demanding truth in labeling, ingredient safety, and product potency while remaining on the cutting-edge of nutritional science. Each product comes along with a scratch code to test production authenticity with our database servers.

After several years of research, these nutrition products are made, helping individuals to achieve their fitness and body-building goals. It is very important to understand and offer the Right amount of Nutrition and Actives to meet the customer requirements. By following our High Quality Principles and knowledge, we ensure our research and packing outstands and makes us top the charts.

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