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The Startup To Create A Beard Revolution In India Is Here

Gangs of Beard (GOB) has been started by beard lovers for beard lovers. Its founder Karan Singh Chadha is convinced that GOB has some of the best beard care products on the planet. He tells us more about his venture that will leave your beard feeling "godly".

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Name of startup, date of launch, and why is it launched?

It’s called Gangs of Beard. It was launched a year and a quarter back in my head when I noticed a lack of great beard products in the Indian market. It was officially launched on 19th October this year.

We launched it because Indian men needed a beard club that offers great beard products at affordable prices, comes up with some cool and entertaining content and delivers in-depth knowledge on how to grow and take care of a beard.

Is it us or does this seem a lot like Dollar Shave Club? Is this a clone?

It’s neither. We’re talking about two completely different segments in two different countries. Dollar Shave Club deals with shaving products in the US and we’re dealing with beard grooming products in India (for now). In fact I would treat them as competitors had they been operating in India.

Having said that, we’ve both used social and digital media in our very own unique way to engage with our audiences which is why you may think otherwise.

What’s the buzz about this new video you guys are launching? And be honest, is it not reminiscent of the Dollar Shave Club ads?

Haha. There isn’t anything to lie about.

For the first part of your question - We wanted to engage with our members like no one else. We wanted to entertain them like no one else and so we came up with our video. We’ve just launched it and got some great reviews on it. It’s made us wanna come up with some more cool stuff in the future.

For the second part of your question, we’ve come up with our own content for the video and I don’t see how it can be similar to any other advert. Much of my inspiration comes from You Tubers around the world who entertains their audience with good content. It’s no different for me - I wish to come up with the best possible products and entertainment for my members.

So you’re only targeting men, right (no women)?

This Gang is for anyone and everyone who thinks what we do is interesting. Man or woman - it doesn’t matter.

What kind of products do you have? What’s the price range?

We’ve got everything that one needs to keep their beard looking godly. That includes Beard Oil, Beard Wash, Beard Lotion and Moustache and Beard Wax.

We’ve also got some cool accessories like a Beard Comb and Beard Brush that have our logo engraved on it. As for pricing we have product starting from Rs. 99 only.

What’s your favourite product and why?

Every product has a purpose. The oil will nourish the beard. The lotion will keep the beard smooth and silky. The wash will keep it clean and the wax will keep your moustache and beard intact. The accessories are legendary. I love all of them since I need all of them. I wouldn’t give my members anything that I wouldn’t use myself.

You’re the founder and the brand ambassador, is that why you sport a beard?

It’s the other way round. I am a beard lover which is why I am the founder of this Gang. I’m passionate about growing it and maintaining it in the best possible way.

I wouldn’t be able to convince my audience if I wasn’t convinced of this lifestyle.

What’s the market size here? Any investors interested in this business? Or are you not interested in any investors at the moment?

Gangs of Beard is a community and a community is defined by its members. For me, anyone who is capable or wanting to grow a beard or even wants to know more about growing a beard is the market.

We haven’t tapped any investors for now. Our focus for the next two quarters is to provide great products, excellent service with lots of entertainment.

You’re leaving a remarkable educational background and a stable family business for this. No second thoughts?

Not even a shadow of a doubt. I’m working towards something that I feel very strongly about. At this point of time, I can’t imagine doing anything but this.

What’s the best thing about running your own business and what’s the worst thing?

The best thing is that you get involved in a passionate love affair - something that you look forward to every morning.

I haven’t seen the worse yet but I’m guessing that my love will keep me up for many a nights and that might not be the healthiest of things.

The feisty Gangs of Beard video is out. Check it out here.

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