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Neha Yaduvanshi

Neha Yaduvanshi is the Founder of Vastada Consulting.

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The Role of a Husband in the Life of A Successful Entrepreneur

Women in India face more problems in comparison to other countries like USA, England, and France to lead their life in business.

For a woman entrepreneur, grow a business in perfect balance with her family seems like a dream which every woman entrepreneur wish to make true. And if she is married, her husband plays the most important role in her life, family, and business.

Women in India face more problems in comparison to other countries like USA, England, and France to lead their life in business. The greatest deterrent to women entrepreneur is that they are women and they have the primary responsibility of children, household chores, and older dependent family members. So, the role of a spouse in the life of a female entrepreneur becomes very important.

A woman entrepreneur always wishes to have a spouse who believes in her dream, help her in taking risks and encourage her to drive her business. The truth of an entrepreneur’s life is odd working hours, high risk and uncertainty. In this journey, her husband can become a barrier to her growth or become a support system more of a lifeline to her growth. Personally, I believe that the most important decision any woman, who wants to be an entrepreneur or want to have a successful career, makes is about marriage. Getting married to a right person is crucial to run a successful business. The partner who believes in your dreams more than you changes your life completely. He will act as a partner, friend and business advisor and you can share everything with him. I am lucky to have a husband who believes in my dreams and always push me to do better in the business and life both.

A successful female entrepreneur’s spouse has to give everything to make her successful; in some cases has done multiple sacrifices in order for the entrepreneur’s dream to have the possibility to succeed. Every female entrepreneur has her share of ups and downs, so the vital role of significant other is to support her and build up her confidence in the time of downfalls.

Sometimes in the journey of building great businesses, the other half invest his hard earned money in the wife’s business, sometimes he is managing the entire expenses alone while he would have the option of affording himself every leisure, but he prefers to support her wife.

A research shows that majority of women who started their own business feel that in the first year of operation the emotional support of spouse was more important than the household help. The majority felt that family was quite reluctant to the idea of female entrepreneurship. However, female entrepreneurs wouldn’t have changed their mind even if the partner was not positive about their entrepreneurial activities.

Emotionally also entrepreneurship is one of the loneliest and hardest journeys of building a future. There are many people around you who won’t believe in your dreams and keep asking you to return to your job. In the time of doubts, it’s important for the husband to support his entrepreneur wife emotionally and encourage her to keep going as the environment around her has a huge impact on her success.

In my journey of being an entrepreneur, my husband plays the most important role by understanding my dreams, pushing me to do better and believing me at every step of my decision in the life, business process and management. I couldn’t have created Vastada Consulting without the support of my husband.

We all should respect and reward the vital role of significant other in the life of female entrepreneurs who helped them to reach their entrepreneurial goals.

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