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The Rich Need Elite Matrimony Because They are Not Like Us

Mumbai has 46,000 millionaires. Delhi has 23,000 millionaires. Bengaluru has 7,700 millionaires and Hyderabad has 9,000 millionaires. That's a lot of rich people looking for love.

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Don’t we all think that having more money will solve all our problems? Not always. When it comes time to finding a life partner, separating the gold diggers from the genuine becomes difficult. “Do they love me for me or are they after me for my money?” Just like how birds of a feather flock together, for the rich, powerful and wealthy, it’s an unwritten code of conduct for self preservation, position consolidation and wealth expansion for join with families who reflect your wealth status.

When we checked with Elite Matrimony, part of the country’s leading matrimonial services group,, one of the troubling findings was that money was actually a barrier to finding love for the uber wealthy. The number of millionaires was growing. But whether it was weariness of potential suitors, lack of time because they are too busy working or because they just couldn’t find someone on a level socioeconomic footing, the affluent were putting off marriage, according to Murugavel Janakiraman, CEO of

Depending on whom you ask, Elite Matrimony services gets polarizing feedback, so it's still not a guarantee you will find a partner. On their website, one user named, ‘ARK123’ said, "After the expiry of the paid membership, they approached us and told that they have another matrimonial portal called “ELITE MATRIMONY” which is meant for the elite section of the society and they have a number of good profiles…We had seen almost all the profiles in Bharat Matrimony (BM) and were convinced of getting a better alliance from elite matrimony. But to our disappointment, one week after payment, we came to know that they have only the same profiles in bharat matrimony…”

Another user named, ‘ganesh Subhu’ wrote, “Hi friends, my experience with Elite Matrimony has been very positive. I had enrolled for their services in Sept 2015 by paying 1 lakh for a six month elite service. I found them to be quite professional and they served me with profiles that suited our requirements. In fact, we found a groom for my sister through them and the wedding has been fixed.

Thanks to Elite matrimony!”

Here are a few more insights from Mr. Janakiraman from his experience with Elite Matrimony, the matrimonial service portal for discerning high net worth individuals.

“There are many such successful matches. A recent one is that of a leading industrialist in Andhra Pradesh for whom we matched someone of a similar status and lifestyle. Our relationship manager was invited for the grand wedding too.”

Very briefly tell us, what are the elite looking for in their search for a life partner?

They’re keen to match with people of similar status. They also look for a personal and lifestyle match.

Culturally, for Indians, marriage is the event of our lifetime. In fact, it’s the most important decision in an individual’s life. We invite our family, relatives, friends and colleagues for the wedding. We plan and save for this occasion over many years. And we marry only once in a lifetime. Thanks to the rising disposable income in the past decade, it’s only growing.

Our elite matchmaking service fee ranges from 50,000 rupees to over rupees 2 lakh.

Why does it seem the rich are so much more demanding of a confidential and discreet matchmaker?

The socioeconomic status of the elite demands a certain level of privacy. It’s the nature of the service and also sought by the members. Elite matchmaking is not online, it’s offline with relationship managers who with years of experience, provide unmatched assistance in finding the life partner.

And what services do Elite Matrimony feature?

We have the largest elite database of profiles and our service is 100 percent discreet and confidential. We also have handpicked matches that suit you by trained relationship managers who will facilitate meetings with prospective partners.

Tell us about trends you have noticed in the HNI wedding market

To begin with, the recently launched Wealth Report reports that the number of ultra high net worth (UHNI) individuals in India rose 290 percent in the last decade. The elite segment has been growing exponentially.

Mumbai is now home to 46,000 millionaires. Delhi is home to 23,000 millionaires. Bengaluru has 7,700 millionaires and Hyderabad has 9,000 millionaires. So the opportunity here is huge.

Is catering to the elite more commercially viable than other avenues of revenue generation?

Certainly it’s more commercially viable. From cars to luxury items to designer clothes, there’s a niche for premium products and services in any industry.

What is the eligibility criteria to be served by Elite Matrimony? Is there a certain income bracket or social caste you must belong to?

One needs to belong to the category of the rich and affluent since that’s what members seek. Members also expect a certain net worth. Elite Matrimony members include high net worth individuals, leading entrepreneurs, industrialists, celebrities in various fields and professionals in senior management positions.

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