The Last Time Maneka Gandhi Launched “I am Trolled”

“Women will misuse this royally…will end up harming many lives… .”

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It was in July 2016 that Maneka Gandhi, Union Minister for the Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD) tweeted that women being trolled on social media can email her.

Now, following the rape threats to Delhi University student, Gurmehar Kaur on social media, the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development has planned to soon launch 'I am trolled' as an app. The app will be for women to alert relevant government agents when they are threatened with physical violence on social media.

Unlike last time, this time around the new avatar of troll monitoring comes in the form of an app and is for reporting physical threats made online; not so much about policing verbal abuse. As the Minister puts it, “We have found that women can be as abusive as men on social media.”

Twitter(ers) haven’t got wind of the Union Minister’s plan as yet. At least not in a big way, so it’s hard to say what kind of reaction a fully-fledged anti trolling app will augur. However the last time Union Minister Gandhi tweeted her counter measures to trolling, what transpired was not too pleasant (recations included a parody account which tweeted, “Boys and men don’t come under my ministry, so I cannot help them.”).

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