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The Dating App to Practice STD-Free Safe Dating is Here

The app shows who has STDs and who is STD free (also called a ‘neat whiskey’)

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The Dating App to Practice STD-Free Safe Dating is Here
The Dating App to Practice STD-Free Safe Dating is Here

NeatClub is a dating app with STD (sexually transmitted disease) verification. It looks like Tinder is going to have quite a bit of competition from this dating app which will appeal to a similar target audience as Tinder’s, especially with its added feature of saying who is STD free and who isn’t.

The app is still in its testing phases and is available in the US. In its limited release to the public NeatClub recommends a diagnostic lab (which won’t be accessible to any users outside the US), and NeatClub will verify and update a user’s status on the app in 3-5 days. The app also accepts results that are less than 4 months old for 13 STD conditions including HIV, Hepatitis and Gonorrhea. All members of NeatClub are required to get tested and verified for STDs every four months.

The app has a status called 'STD Free' which means that a member's all test results are verified as negative by the app. The other status, 'neat' stands for ‘neat whiskey’. Once a user is verified as 'STD free', they will officially become a member of the NeatClub and will be tagged as a glass of 'neat' whiskey'.

NeatClub is making a case for going dates only if your date’s STD status is verified since there are approximately 20 million new cases of STDs every year, 1 in 6 of those has Herpes; approximately 6.1 million are living with hepatitis and 1.2 million with HIV, just in the US.

Added to that people may lie about any STDs they are infected or may not even know they have any condition if there are no symptoms.

Medically, infections are called diseases only when they cause symptoms. That is why STDs are also called “sexually transmitted infections” (STIs).

However NeatClub, uses the term “Sexually transmitted Disease (STD)”, even when there are no symptoms for the disease. This is due to the fact that an infected individual can often transmit the infection to the other person even when they do not show any symptoms.

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