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The Basic Aptitude Of A Student Is Pretty Much Cast In Stone And Cannot Be Changed Significantly: Amit Bansal

In an exclusive interaction with BW Businessworld, Amit Bansal, Founder & CEO, Wizklub talks about the company and more.

What made you initiate something like this?

This is the third EdTech venture of this team. The earlier 2 ventures were in the higher education space where the team worked with over 50,000 engineering students across India. We realized that at that stage we could create the maximum impact by skilling students on specific tools. However, at that age, the basic aptitude of a student is pretty much cast in stone and cannot be changed significantly. So, if a student does not have programming aptitude, one cannot be trained to become a good programmer. Research from leading institutes such as the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University established that the core aptitude of a person that defines one’s suitability for different career roles is pretty much defined in the first 13-14 years. And unfortunately, the Indian schooling system is still focused on curriculum, instead of focusing on core aptitude that makes one smart learner and adept problem solver. We decided to address this issue by providing a scientific program to build these skills when the age is right. We worked on the product for 6 months including prototyping and pilots to establish product efficacy. WizKlub has an 83% efficacy rate which is quite remarkable for a learning product.

What are your plans for the following year? 

The plan for the next year is to have over 50,000 students learning on our platform and acquiring skills necessary for success in the future. We would continue to invest in the product and use the power of technology to drive engagement and learning efficacy. We are looking to establish WizKlub as the undisputed #1 player for early-years skill development. 

How popular is WizKlub among students?

Kids simply love WizKlub programs. This is one of the unique programs that empower the kids to express themselves and develop their aptitude at the same time. The kids love the experience of creating tech products and application projects. More than 96% of parents report that their kids love WizKlub programs. 



- Gauravi's reading and thinking patterns have improved dramatically. She loves WizKlub and does not want to miss any class. - Grade I, Mother

 - Riya and Chirag are so confident kids now. Conversations with them are so delightful. Also, I have noticed that they have grown fond of solving math problems. - Grade 6 and 4, Mother

 - Vaidehi has become a very independent child. Now she has such a logical point of view that is hard to ignore. - Grade 3, Mother

- I am home-schooling my child and have looked at so many programs. There is nothing like this in the market. You are setting new standards. - Grade 3, Father

-Katherine and Nathaniel love to do the HOTS program and the teacher is also very good. - Grade 7 and 3, Grandmother


I never thought Parth could code at such a young age. The animation and the game that he made is a moment of pride for all of us. – Mother of Grade 2 student  

Misha is so excited about WizKlub classes. I think this program has given her creativity a new dimension. She works independently for 2-3 hours even after the class is over. – Mother of Grade 3 student

I also knew that technology is the future. But I never thought that my son could start coding at such a young age. Looking at his excitement, I think Sriram could have started even earlier. – Father of Grade 5 student

Do you think this is helping the children keeping them engaged and motivated during this pandemic?

One of the most important things in these times is to ensure that the kids are cognitively developing. There is research that indicates that a one month break in early years learning results in a 3 months loss in progress. Unfortunately, the break caused by COVID is much longer. Most schools are not equipped to handle the online learning environment at all. Most of them are still focussing on taking knowledge-based classes instead of focussing on cognitive development (or mental growth). 

WizKlub Programs are designed to ensure holistic cognitive development across Critical Thinking & Comprehension, Logical & Creative Thinking, Mathematical Aptitude & Aptitude and also build the necessary technology skills like coding and robotics in early childhood itself.  All WizKlub programs deliver a personalized learning environment for maximum interest and learning efficacy.

We expect that by the end of the COVID restrictions, more than 50% of the kids in affected areas would have experienced one or the other form of e-learning. Any parent who witnesses the power of personalized learning enabled through technology would definitely continue using the same even when the traditional classroom returns. 

What are your business expansion plans?

We are providing a complete suite of programs that give holistic education to a parent in the early years. The parent has the option of choosing one or multiple programs. We help a parent make an informed decision based on the interest and aptitude of the child. Our programs are based on the theme of Future Skills, skills that your child needs to develop today in order to succeed in the future. Our vision is to create a million thinking minds that are trained on Future Skills - skills that need to be acquired today for a better future.

How is your online business operates in this pandemic? 

WizKlub learning programs have always been completely on the technology platform delivered through a friendly instructor. Now, the instructor conducts the class online instead of conducting offline classes. 

The rest of the teams are working remotely from the safety of their respective homes.

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