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Ten Steps To Become An Entrepreneur - Nayan Bheda

Every human being plays the role of an entrepreneur at some stage of her/his life but somewhere along the way, only few are able to walk the path they set out for themselves.

Every human being plays the role of an entrepreneur at some stage of her/his life but somewhere along the way, only few are able to walk the path they set out for themselves. Ever wondered why? Well, here are ten simple steps towards becoming an Entrepreneur par excellence.

1. Stay focused always – No matter what obstacles come your way, stay focused on the path you have envisioned. You may have to take unforeseen risks, but stick to your plan and follow your passion. Believe in yourself and your sense of purpose. Things will only get better. Passion, Persistence, and Patience – your partners in crime!

2. Understand and accept your strengths and weaknesses at the onset and stay determined to cash-in on the former and work on the latter consistently. Every successful entrepreneur things BIG and maintains immense belief in her/himself.

3. Work with a mentor – You have to have a mentor with whom you can discuss your important and bold decisions you may want to undertake. Develop your administrative and time management skills effectively.

4. Your powerful vision clubbed with knowledge about your product can take you a long way. Successful entrepreneurs always concentrate on markets which they are confident about dominating. Therein, lies their success. Domination does not mean you become complacent – you’ve got to keep a hawk’s eye on other new entrants and strategies how to keep them at bay – nip them in the bud, as they say.

5. Behind every successful entrepreneur is a well-chosen smart team of individuals. Recruit people who are as passionate and dedicated as you are. They will never fail you. If they are smart and are willing to accompany you throughout your journey, they will stand by you through thick and thin. Help them enhance their skills and make them equal partners in the successful responsibilities of the running of the organization. You can’t reach the pinnacle of success alone! Working with like-minded people can make you overcome the most brutal challenges.

6. Keep yourself abreast of all radical developments in your specialized area by the clock. Successful entrepreneurs are on their toes with regards to changes, technology, interesting methodologies and become more self-motivated.

7. Cultivate positive and long-lasting relationships. Success comes to those who are genuine in their relationships. Every relationship developed positively will inch you to greater success. It builds your goodwill and your status in the industry

8. Adhere to your ethics and principles – no matter what the situation, do not dither on voicing your opinions, concerns and voting in favor of what is correct. Ethics in competition, at work, with your employees and yourself. Have a totally unbiased attitude and stand for what you belief in. Motivate everyone who is with you on this journey. This forms the building blocks of your foundation.

9. Respect and reach out to your customers. Get a logical insight into what makes them tick and develop new stratagems to cater to them in more new and satisfying ways. Keep educating yourself about your audiences. They are dynamic and are bound to change. Establish your trust and they remain dedicated to you forever.

10.Maintain a strict regimen and balance your work and personal life – rise early every single day and energize yourself mentally and physically in this ‘me-time’. Keep thinking anew, get those creative juices working overtime.

Nayan Bheda, Founder – Edvantez, Indian School of e Business Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor and Advisor


A man with a creative bend of mine, Nayan is reputed for inciting innovative thoughts amongst his followers and listeners. A man ahead of his times, he is always scouting for co-founders for his next business venture.

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