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Jikku Abraham

Founder, Taaraka

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Technology At The Forefront Of Astrology

The branch of astrological software has now become a stable segment in the esoteric market around the globe with a worth charting to a whopping $2.2 billion ,more so fuelled by the pandemic.

The epoch of the Aquarian age has dawned upon us, as we see steady changes happen in numerous fields over the millennia to follow by. One of the key markers of this age is the advancement in technology and industrialization. We have seen technology evolve at a mind boggling pace especially in the past 20 years that have marked its golden age. It has touched almost all fields and become an inevitable part of them, with one of its most obvious beneficiaries being the mysterious world of astrology. Astrology today finds itself in the midst of the process of transformation as it is actively responding to the technological and the commercial spirit of the times we live in. Astrology is having its moment, all thanks to technology!

With the advent of personal computers and the invention of the internet in the 90’s astrology transitioned from an elite service into a mass one. Inventors of astrological apps today are not only computer specialists but also inspired new age activists and entrepreneurs who see the growing opportunity in people’s quest of religiosity and self-improvement and decide to fulfil the gap through their perception-altering partly life-changing apps.

One of the stand out reasons for the success of digital astrology in India and worldwide can be attributed to the fact that the computer programs allow everyone to tackle the complexity and multi-variety facet of the astrological chart in its interpretation and reduce errors in extensive calculation that it demands. Creating a birth chart or a kundali is based on astronomical calculations. Once the understanding of the algorithm is attained, then stuff simplifies. But in reality though, these complex processes require the amalgamation of different algorithms, and an array of text that the vedic astrology presents to which people often fall short of understanding.

The branch of astrological software has now become a stable segment in the esoteric market around the globe with a worth charting to a whopping $2.2 billion ,more so fuelled by the pandemic.

Social media another by product of technology, is a place where astrology’s seeds have grown into big trees. Astrology is spilled all over social media and has become a multimillion dollar business for stargazers. As more and more people are using the internet they are turning to social media to seek spiritual advice during uncertain times. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter have a wealth of horoscope content and zodiac predictions that people can’t stop clicking on. With the accessibility of phones the demand for spiritual guidance and horoscopes online has been unprecedented. According to data from Google Trends, search results for “birth chart” and “astrology” both hit five-year highs in 2020. Googling “horoscopes” makes one amongst the 3.4M people searching it globally. Apps offering astrology as a service have over 20 million downloads alone most of whom are people aged between 18-35, thus proving it remains a hot topic amongst the millennials and Gen-z. With technology, the age old vedic astrology that once interested only mums has become more accessible and “cool” to the younger population.

Technology has made astrology a game that presents a win-win situation for both the seeker and the giver (that is the astrologist). For the consumer, accessibility and personalized data curated to their need has been the benefit brought to them by technology and on the astrologers’ side it gives them multiple social media profiles to channelise their knowledge and present it as a commodity to the consumer.

Astrology and technology are worlds apart and on the opposite poles to each other, one being millenniums old while the other still in it’s nascent stage. However, several apps in India, the land of Vedic astrology have married the two successfully on their respective platforms and have witnessed a spectacular growth as more people seek solutions online. The chief reason for it’s growth can be attributed to the multifarious services you can access on one platform- from tarot card reading to Vedic astrology and numerology you get it all on one comprehensive stage that is priced reasonably and super convenient to use.These apps have made the process more authentic as they resort to a hyper personalised approach in providing answers which has in turn kindled renewed interest into the art and science of planetary movements.

These apps have changed the way we consume spirituality at its very core. In all true sense astrology has been reinvented into a modern form of counselling by these apps since consumers who are early adopters have become propagators as critical masses get educated on their numerous use cases.

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