Tech Jockey- A One Stop Tech Guide, Helping Small and Medium Sized Businesses Scale Up

With a team of expert solution analysts, they comprehend IT requirements of SMEs and let them find the top-flight software solutions. Partners include; Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Symantec, Adobe, Trend Micro, VM Ware, Amazon Web Services, Corel, Blue Coat, and many more.

Tech Jockey helps businesses stay ahead of their game by guiding them on how to best adopt technology to maximize their sales and grow to full potential. Their maxim being, “Leave IT on us”. They cater to businesses from a wide spectrum, mainly; Healthcare, Fashion retail, Education, Hospitality and IT.

Acting as a personalized guide, they advise and suggest solutions specific to client’s industry and requirement, with a rich four year experience in selecting the right tools coupled with a sound understanding of challenges faced by the industry in question. They help businesses in many ways from cutting costs, to increasing production by implementing right practices.

“We not only guide you, but find the perfect solution from the gamut of trusted software brands we have partnered with, just to ensure we give you the best fit feasible while creating a roadmap for your technology related investments” says Arjun Mittal, Director Techjockey who worked at McKenzie & Co. before venturing out. offers industry specific IT solutions and consulting services to SMEs.

The team comprises of industry veterans who understand the challenges faced, IT professionals who have years of expertise in cross-platform skills and quality-integrated techniques for software product analysis. With a team of expert solution analysts, they comprehend IT requirements of SMEs and let them find the top-flight software solutions. Partners include; Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Symantec, Adobe, Trend Micro, VM Ware, Amazon Web Services, Corel, Blue Coat, and many more.

This startup is a one of its kind recommendation platform that offers end to end software solutions with a striking presence in Indian market. The esteemed list of partners bullishly support and help bring the latest software solutions to suite one’s IT needs and budget, to bolster effectiveness for TechJockey’s clients.

"We began a year ago and are going strong. The idea of Techjockey was always evolving in the mind since 2014, with the changing IT landscape. The world was moving towards cloud and we thought that if given a platform, now even the smaller software companies would have a chance to make some mark, if they had it in their product," says Founder Akash Nangia, who is an ex Zomato Vice President. “Requirement was of a simple UI that doesn't make software buying/selling too complex, so we segregated the softwares as per different businesses like- hotels, hospitals, manufacturers, colleges, media houses etc.”

Currently Tech Jockey is headquartered out of Gurgaon and has a presence in Mumbai, Bangalore & Chandigarh as well. As the team grows and it maps more vendors, the startup is also planning to set up its alliances team in different locations like Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad as these are the major towns where there are lot of home grown companies who have developed world class solutions but are struggling to market their product to a larger audience.

TechJockey is an online software guide, that lists all industry specific as well as running many (microsoft, adobe, norton etc) software solutions and segregates them as per different industries., for example a restaurateur would get to choose right options for recipe management softwares, billing, inventory management, security, restaurant management system etc. Prospective IT buyers/SMB owners/ HNIs come online to figure out how their business can be better managed, with efficient systems in place by comparing, evaluating and purchasing the right software online, rather than scouting around for a pirated copy from a nearby locality (like Nehru Place etc). "We strive to bring modern practices in place and want to enable SMBs to not have to depend on too much human intervention in their day to day work-life. For this, we intend to make a universe of all the 10,000+ small software solution companies , present even in remote areas in India on a single platform that allows SMBs to get end to end services on demand and at their fingertips. In a nutshell, we are telling the SMBs to Leave IT on us", says Akash.

TechJockey’s business model is to list the unrepresented software solutions and marry them with the demand for industry specific needs. It allows availing attractive marketing packages for these vendors and want to give them enough opportunity to reach out to potential customers in secluded and far flung sections of our country. The startup does this while providing well known and widely accepted names (Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Adobe etc.) in the bundle offering for our end customers . For example: Happy model High School in Kanpur , would definitely want to be more in line with the best industry practices like the school management software used by DPS RKP or a Modern Barakhamba. The major revenue streams are: A) Margins on software sold. B) Marketing revenues from from tier 1 and tier 2 software companies (through direct and concentrated mailers, premium listing and ad slots and social marketing campaigns for them).

Till date, the IT industry works in a very cliche manner and just the bigger Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have been able to make a mark and penetrate into the developed markets through their direct sales team or a reseller network. The smaller names are still trying their best to even enter the market. TechJockey branched out from its parent concern SISL Infotech, a young and one of India’s fastest growing IT reseller. SISL follows the conventional method of transaction and sales. The same founders had started SISL back in 2012 and have been growing manifolds year on year with the last year turnover touching 75 CR. However, TechJockey’s business model does the same hassle free for the SMB market. It brings to its clients the best of both worlds: the savings and superior quality of product comparison, free consultation & ratings for their new purchases in the software technology domain, all of it, ONLINE. "It's a fairly new concept not just in India. As of now there are lot of suggestion platforms globally but not even a single platform in India where you can select, compare and also buy specific solutions for yourself. The entire IT industry is evolving towards cloud and subscription model and perpetual licences are almost dying out, it has become much easier and economical to buy these solutions, as there is a very limited capital expenditure required to set up IT infrastructure, " explains Arjun. Therefore even smaller organisations with limited budgets are now buying these products and using them in their day to day business operations.

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