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Tech Driven Real Estate Player ‘Xrbia’ Now Valued at Over $350M

Their flagship project was launched in 2012 and investor focused analyst firm, Capital Network, estimates Xrbia’s value to be near 2300 crores

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India’s affordable housing champion, Xrbia, has released an investor update that confirms a strong performance in Q4 2017 and promising growth prospects for the new financial year.

In the last quarter, Xrbia has achieved a sales rate of 3,670 units, equivalent to almost half of its total sales rate of 6,836 units this year. This yearly sales rate, totalling rupees 900 crores, is more than double that of the previous financial year, leading real estate analyst David Eaton to state that “the growth trajectory here is extremely strong”.

Xrbia’s ambitious expansion plans include 3 projects that have been completed this year, 9 currently under construction and a further 10 projects in the pipeline to be launched within the next 2 years. These projects will cement the company’s presence nationwide, with projects located across major Indian cities including Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Due to efficiencies created across construction, management and operations, the projected profit margin for the upcoming developments are significant, at approximately 40 percent. This leads to estimated upcoming revenues of over rupees 8,400 crores and gross profits of over rupees 5,000 crores. Taken together, Capital Network has approximated Xrbia's current value to be in the region of rupees 2,300 crores (just over 355 million dollars).

Xrbia’s flagship project was launched in 2012 at Hinjewadi with 3500 houses. According to the company, due to an overwhelming response the project was sold out within 4 days of launching. Using groundbreaking technology across construction, management and operations, Xrbia Developers Pvt Ltd’s Vision is to build “100 future ready cities by 2030”. Xrbia has already achieved a sale and build rate of 2,000 houses a month, establishing itself as India’s undisputed affordable housing leader. Xrbia combines the desire for onsite amenities with the need for affordability in order to meet the needs of the next generation of homeowners.

Xrbia’s sustained growth attests to the popularity of its business model among consumers. Targeted towards the next generation of homeowners, Xrbia specialises in compact homes that combine luxury with affordability. Xrbia’s compact homes are complemented by shared infrastructure, including commercial facilities, open green spaces gyms and swimming pools to ensure that compact does not mean claustrophobic.

This demand is reinforced by wider demographic trends. With 70 percent of net new employment in India predicted to be generated in cities by 2030, India’s affordable housing shortage – that currently stands at approximately 59 million units - is likely to increase in the coming years. Within this context, demand for Xrbia’s scalable, affordable and sustainable housing solution will inevitably climb.

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