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TMW Launches Food Wallet for Corporates

TMW product is live in more than 50 corporates across India and several corporates have shown keen interest in signing up for this solution.


The Mobile Wallet Pvt. Ltd. (TMW), a Mumbai based payments start-up, is one of India´s leading end-to-end service wallet powered by RBL Bank. The company also has prepaid card and virtual card powered by mastercard and issued jointly with RBL Bank. TMW has recently announced Food Wallet for corporates to offer tax-free employee benefits such as food vouchers. 

With this feature, employers can do away with the messy physical paperwork and the logistical hazard of distributing booklets to individual employees. A corporate can now transfer money to the food wallet of any employee without the hassles of procuring, handling, distributing & maintaining records of bulky coupons and cards. Another great feature on the app is that it gives employers the flexibility to top up the wallet on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

Key Features

  • Easy Distribution through electronic & bulk disbursement within seconds using our state-of-the-art Corporate HR Portal with zero logistical cost.
  • Open Loop Payment Solution with 2 million+ physical acceptance points for TMW prepaid cards
  • No rigid denominations so you can pay any amount using card or app.
  • Tax Benefits remain the same as compared to Paper Vouchers (like Sodexo, Meal Pass)

The motto ‘Life Easy’ is deeply embedded in the functioning of TMW. Thus, the solutions it develops always personify this value. Convenient, safe, secure, anytime, anywhere, any device, any amount, all these truly capture the essence of this product. 

While an RBI directive has stipulated coupon companies to move towards smart cards, the acceptability of these cards is restricted within their limited network. The uniqueness of the prepaid card coupled with the mobile wallet app lies in its universal acceptance at all outlets and websites that accept MasterCard. 

Mr. Vinay Kalantri, Founder and Managing Director of TMW says, “We love friction. It encourages our team to develop world class products and make ‘Life Easy’ for the customer. When we thought of this product, the sheer underlying message was to break away from the age old traditions and use the existing infrastructure to our advantage. Today, as a country we have made good strides in installing POS machines across the length and breadth of this country. In addition to this, our integrated wallet allows employees to use credits in the rapidly expanding online food industry as well”.

The food wallet also places great control in the hands of salaried middle class that likes to keep a close tab on their expenses. An employee can review his spends at the click of a button, so bye-bye writing down and consolidating these expenses at the end of the month.

TMW product is live in more than 50 corporates across India and several corporates have shown keen interest in signing up for this solution. 

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