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T-Scale concludes: A T-Hub initiative in association with PwC & CoCreation Consulting

With a focus on the specificities of a startup’s market, circumstance and approach to scale

T-Hub, in association with PwC and CoCreation Consulting, announces the conclusion of ‘T-Scale’, a scaling program for the startups, to equip them through market scaling and internal scaling programs. This program helped entrepreneurs prepare themselves to challenge the odds of building a startup and tearing down the status quo.

More than 70 startups enrolled for the T-Scale program and they were evaluated by T-Hub and their partners. T-Scale involves Market Scaling (target market analysis and industry connects) and Internal Scaling (sales processes, cashflow management, organization structure), to assist growth-stage startups to scale faster.

The journey of every startup in this program was customized to address the startup’s needs and roadblocks. Over 12 sessions, startups built an actionable strategy which will enable them to scale at a much rapid pace.

“Most startups that get past the valley of death, fail not due to the nature of the industry, but due to deficiencies with respect to speed, expertise and, flexibility. We have tailored our program to focus on the specificities of a startup’s market, circumstance and, approach to scale, to pave the way for successful growth.” said Jay Krishnan, CEO, T-Hub.

The program assists startups with generating revenue, saving costs, onboarding customers, building partnerships, and streamlining processes. T-Hub partnered with CoCreation Consulting for strategy and PwC for their network & domain expertise. Together, they customized a plan for each of these startups based on their needs.

“PwC is involved in bringing the right Product Market Fit that can allow them to move their flywheel. We’re in the midst exploring engagement models like co-creation, building along, going to the market together with Startups which can have them achieve scale along their speed.” said Murali Talasila, Partner and Innovation Leader, PwC.

At the end of the 12-session program, the startups got a deeper understanding of their business and a clearer strategy to scale. T-Hub and PwC will continue to assist the 5 shortlisted startups with partnership and customer acquisition.

“If starting up is tough, scaling for a startup is tougher. It requires startups to put in place methods and, frameworks that make scaling a strategy than a coincidence. It also requires startups to strengthen its foundations to make rapid growth sustainable. That’s what we just did with T-Scale startups. We transformed their strategy focus from a product solution fit to market-product fit, from customer acquisition to market acquisition, from product delivery to value delivery. CoCreation Consulting brought in insights, best methods and frameworks that are actionable, working along with startups in executing their tailor-made scale/growth strategy” says Sridhar Lanka, Co-Founder, CoCreation Consulting.

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