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Street Food Opportunity Is A $100 Billion Market: Diksha Pande, Co-founder, Samosa Party

In an interview with BW Businessworld, Diksha Pande, Co-founder of Samosa Party, talks about company's expansion plans and more

When most people are adopting a healthy lifestyle, how did you find this idea to launch Samosa Party?
People do indulge every once in a while, and when they do, they always look for a comfort indulgent food which for most people is hot and crispy humble Samosa. You may say people are consuming cold-pressed juice, yogurt and superfood snacks but that’s just 1% of our population. Real India enjoys street food and it’s a $100Bn industry in our country yet no one created a brand out of it. We are creating a brand that can scale not just in India but globally as Samosa is very popular across the world.

How many orders have you received till date
So far more than 20 lakh samosas have been made and delivered by Samosa Party

How is the Samosa Party coping with COVID situation?  
We’ve always been a brand that follows strict hygiene practices and we started the brand keeping in mind that we need to stand out as a trustworthy and clean brand. That has helped us a lot during Covid times when customers are very conscious of where they are ordering from and how it is coming packaged. Our delivery sales increasing in COVID times is a testament to that.

What are your expansion plans and how do you finalise a place for the outlet?
We will be expanding to a couple more cities by early next year. Ours is a cloud-only business primarily so our goal is to be present in every 3 kms radius of a city.

How are you different from the existing competitors?
We feel Samosa as a product is very close to our upbringing and there’s an emotional connection with the product and we try to deliver nostalgia with every order. So, we keep the product as authentic as possible. We are very contemporary in our approach and use a lot of technology to scale and solve problems at the back end but at the end of the day, we are a food company so authenticity and quality of the food is very important for us and we are committed towards that. Customers love us with all stores being rated higher than 4.4/5 and 78% customers reordering from us.

What has been the biggest learning so far?

We have learned that Samosa in our country is not a demand problem, it’s a supply problem of quality and hygienic product. We are just focussing on creating a quality supply by using production technology and there’s enough and more demand for a trustworthy street food brand in our country.

What is the market size and opportunity?
There are more than 20 lakh street food vendors in India and street food opportunity is a $100 billion market. India also exports Samosas to 140+ countries so there’s a big opportunity lying globally as well.

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