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Stealth Mode Data Center Automating AI Startup Peritus Gets $2M Funding

The startup with presence in California and Bengaluru raised funds from Ideaspring Capital and The Hive administered in India by the Patni family., the startup hitherto in stealth mode, has been developing ways to use artificial intelligence in making data centre management more efficient. They have now raised $2 million venture capital firm Ideaspring Capital and The Hive, media outlets report citing company statements.

The funds will be used to expand and fortify their presence in India.

Headquartered in California, Peritus was started by Santhosh Srinivasan and Kamesh Raghavendra last year. It was incubated with The Hive which focuses its resources on developing artificial intelligence solutions that can be used at an enterprise scale.

Data centers are the foundation for delivering modern enterprise IT services such as those oriented to the cloud and IoT Cloud Operators and Service Providers have to provide high availability, resiliency and avoid downtime while dealing with fast-changing technology landscape and greater infrastructure complexity.

According to, applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to infrastructure management can anticipate problems, help decide the right course of action and deliver recommendations and resolutions to enable faster problem resolution and minimize downtime.

Peritus aims to enable autonomous data centers by automating infrastructure support using artificial intelligence and machine learning. More specifically the startup hopes to create the largest knowledge graph in the industry by indexing and categorizing data center infrastructure from ITOM/ITSM tools, emails, logs, product/vendor documentation, forums, wikis and others; improve support productivity and problem resolution through inferences and recommendations to provide virtual expert services to support staff; support autonomous decision making for self-tuning infrastructure within existing tools and processes.

The startup further says that proof of concept is clear in how one of their early adopter customers was able to reduce their support burden by 65.7 percent while handling 37 percent more support requests.

Ideaspring Capital is based in Bengaluru and was founded in 2016 by Naganand Doraswamy to invest in home-grown product startups. The fund has participated in seed rounds in Zapty providing enterprise software for collaborating on project management and task management; in Whodat, an augmented reality platform for developers to create inclusive AR experiences with markerless technology; in Lavelle Networks working on cloud computing and enterprise software; and Karomi, an IT solution provider for companies working life sciences and cosmetics.

Coincidentally Arihant Pant is according to Crunchbase, the MD of Ideaspring Capital. He is also described as MD of The Hive. The Hive India is anchored by the Patni family who are pioneers in the field of information technology in India. The Patnis were early entrants in this space in the mid-70s and built a global IT outsourcing business over a period of four decades. The company, Patni Computer Systems was recently sold at a transaction value of almost $1.5 billion. Subsequently and Arihant and his brother Amit Patni have been working to identify the next wave of innovation in the technology space. As a first effort they cofounded a venture fund in the internet space in India called Nirvana. The Hive is a vehicle to fund and launch innovation in the area of data analytics.

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