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Smart Fabrics Aims to be a Revolution in the Entire Fashion Industry in Next 3 Years

Smart fabrics produce fabrics that have a security feature as well as air conditioning facility and there is no other company in the world probably providing these features in a single jacket.

How can one assure the safety of women in our country? Pawan Kumar Irukulla (Founder & CEO) and Anil Mudulakar (Co-Founder) came up with the invention of Smart Fabrics. The idea erupted through an incident that occurred a few years back, an incident that shook the entire nation ‘Nirbhaya' case. That was when the thought arises of developing smart fabric.

The fabric resembles a regular fabric but with additional technology which supports security and is shock enabled restricting unpermitted touch but is shock proof for the one wearing it. It has a sensor that detects people who are continuously following and has an inbuilt GPS system which allows one to send messages to the nearby police stations and to family members. It also has one fabulous feature i.e. it maintains body temperature during summers. The product is also useful to eradicate chain snatching, eve teasing etc. This product can also be used by celebrities, ministers, cricket players while making public appearances for safety purpose. Another additional and important benefit of the product is that it is air conditioned which enables maintaining a body temperature during peak summers.

The majority of the world economy relies on energy sources or manufacturing techniques that release greenhouse gases at every stage of production, transportation, storage, delivery and disposal while a consensus of the world's scientists attributes global warming to the release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. This is one of the reasons why the temperature is increasing in summer. Travelling can now be easy, relaxing and soothing without bothering about the heat. Hence, it can be used as a general commodity even from a small kid to an elder citizen.

The unique feature of this fabric is that it not only covers the body but also protects it. Smart fabrics produce fabrics that have a security feature as well as air conditioning facility and there is no other company in the world probably providing these features in a single jacket.

The idea of a crowd fund is because it is best for startups since it can be used as idea validation, pre-sales of the product and also get a platform in obtaining valuable suggestions from people in helping the company grow.

Once the funds are raised via crowdfunding it will be utilized for product development, testing, and marketing. The pricing is Rs.3000/- for each fabric and Rs.5000/- for each device. Smart Fabrics intend in making tie-ups with other fashion companies in order to improve sales and with the software industries too since this product can be very useful for them.

The target audience will be working women, especially in software industries. As this product has air conditioning facility it can also be used by politicians, celebrities, higher officials, traffic police officers, school children, employees, etc.

The aim is to conquer entire Indian market initially and take the organisation to global markets in the later stage.

Because of its amazing features, the product can be used by many people. This adds to a lot of potentialities not only in India but also in the global market. In the next 3 years, Smart Fabrics aims to be a revolution in the entire fashion industry. Now it’s your time to show how much you care by supporting and funding Smart Fabrics.

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