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Seniors in Life as ‘Interns’? What did We Learn from Robert De Niro’s Experience in The Intern?

Ben Whittaker’s character had a sense of wisdom, serenity and enthusiasm that was heart warming to see on the screen.

The Intern was a fun watch and as a movie, it taught us a lot. With the two protagonists being Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway and the chemistry between the two was astounding. With an entirely different and a fresh concept of employing the ‘seniors in life’ as an intern at an organization, what did we learn? So Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) lands an internship at a fashion magazine at the age of 70 of which Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) is the founder of. Taking up a new job can be a difficult challenge but almost starting from scratch at such an age after retirement, can be daunting. But we see a Ben who is all charged up, enthusiastic and roaring to learn everyday even after all those years of experience, working at a foam book company( something the new generation has no idea of).

Ben Whittaker’s character had a sense of wisdom, serenity and enthusiasm that was heart warming to see on the screen. The character not only starts working as a senior intern, ironical as it may be but he is a favourite around the office, hits it up with all the other young employees and becomes a friend to Jules(played by Anne Hathaway), which she needed the most.

It was a refreshing change to see a character with so much depth and it taught us that no matter what, how much experience and knowledge you may have gathered over the past years, it is never too late to learn again, probably about something that you had no idea about. He rejected the idea of retirement and instead chose to make himself useful by volunteering to intern at an organization at his age.

I definitely think that it is a good concept of employing such ‘interns’ to make use of their knowledge and experience while such interns would also benefit from the same. A lot of such seniors are always looking for something to do after retirement, this is a good way to employ such people. It would definitely help the organization if one could employ such retired seniors, they are a vast resource of knowledge and their amount of experience would help the youth in the company and other colleagues too, in terms of handling chaotic situations and people, like how Ben Whittaker does in the movie ‘The Intern.’

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